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  • Laptop Program

    Grades 4-12 are part of the school’s 1:1 laptop program—one laptop for each child. MacBook Air laptop computers are thoughtfully integrated into our curriculum and instruction, with the digital tools providing additional opportunities for students to engage in their own learning and expand their learning well beyond the classroom walls. 
  • Academic Technology

    Members of the Academic Technology team serve as catalysts to bring new ideas to teaching and learning. The team serves as a bridge from theory to practice by modeling adaptive, iterative, intentional learning to support professional growth, instructional development, and enriched student experiences.
  • Computer Science

    Lovett’s computer science curriculum builds upon the principles of computational thinking and algorithmic problem solving. Engineering concepts and crafting are incorporated in various ways throughout the computer science curriculum. Computer Science classes are offered to students in grades 7-12, culminating in post-AP honors Computer Science Studies.
  • Making and Engineering

    Making and engineering at Lovett focus on teaching students to discover and analyze problems, creating possible solutions through prototyping with different materials, building electrical circuits, and programming devices. As students progress, computer science concepts and programming become an integral part of many of the engineering problems covered in the curriculum.
  • Digital Citizenship

    The Lovett School Character Pledge guides actions both in the classroom and in the greater local, national, and global communities. Students are encouraged to become honest, respectful, responsible, and compassionate citizens. For more about Digital Citizenship in each division, click here.

Technology Team

Academic Technology 

Information Technology 

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