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An independent, coed K-12 day school in Atlanta


Among all the investments that are made at Lovett, none have a more lasting impact than the resources we add to Lovett’s endowment.

At Lovett, we’ve built an extraordinary school through the talent and commitment of visionary leaders, gifted educators, and dedicated families since 1926. Thus far, our endowment has played only a modest role in our success. While schools everywhere recognize a “best practice” of drawing 10 percent of their annual budgets from endowed funds, our endowment provides approximately half that proportion each year.

We’ve built an excellent school by making exceptionally careful use of our resources, identifying and developing outstanding talent in our faculty and staff, and inspiring the generous support of our families and alumni year after year. Imagine what we could do if, in addition to those defining strengths, we had a more robust endowment.

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Matt Gould
Chief Advancement Officer
(404) 262-3032, ext. 1310

A stronger endowment will enable Lovett to:

  • Invest in innovative program ideas, take risks, and continue pursuing new ways to enhance an already-great educational experience for students.
  • Attract, develop, and retain the strongest faculty in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • Keep Lovett accessible by controlling tuition growth and funding greater financial aid for families, including the families of our faculty and staff.
  • Maintain and enhance our campus without relying as heavily on tuition or campaigns.
  • Sustain a financially strong school through fluctuations in the economy and environment.
  • And, most importantly, ensure that Lovett can survive and thrive for future generations of students.

Endowment Priorities

Faculty & Staff Support

Faculty & Staff Support

Endowed funds increase Lovett's ability to offer competitive salaries and benefits, as well as provide professional development opportunities to teachers and staff.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Because of our substantial endowment, Lovett is able to offer more than $4 million in financial assistance to families and scholarships to cover the cost of field trips and summer experiences.

Signature Programs

Students in greenhouse

Signature Programs

Lovett's most well-known programs—Academic Resource Center, Siempre Verde, Breakthrough Atlanta, and Sustainability—are made possible by endowed funds from generous donors.