Global Online Academy

Global Online Academy allows us to expand our curricular offerings while giving our students really critical opportunities to learn in a global classroom, from first-rate teachers, through an online platform. As our students move ahead to college and careers, they will increasingly be expected to communicate and collaborate with colleagues around the world. We’re excited to give them a chance to build these skills.

Assistant Headmaster Marsha Little

In 2013, Lovett entered into a partnership with Global Online Academy (GOA). GOA is a not-for-profit consortium of leading independent schools from around the world. GOA offers Lovett the opportunity to learn alongside peers from around the world.

There are currently more than 50 select independent schools in the consortium, representing four continents, nine countries, 24 states, and 12 time zones. All GOA courses are taught by teachers who are currently teaching at a GOA member school.

Students take GOA courses for credit at Lovett. GOA course workload and course intensity is equivalent to courses taken on campus. Unlike many online courses, students are not passive receptors of pre-loaded lectures from teachers. Instead, students collaborate on challenging and interesting projects with students from around the world.

Interested in taking a GOA course?

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Marsha Little

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