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Graffiti on the Upper School Language Hall
Posted 11/04/2016 03:36PM
After studying Roman graffiti and handwriting, students in Kelly Ryan's and David Abraham's Latin 4 and 5 classes created graffiti and political signs in the style of the Romans, creating their own "Roman wall." The red-painted portions of the wall are programmata, or political advertisements for candidates running for office; the carved portions are personal graffiti. The study of ancient graffiti brought students closer to the Roman world by providing a window into the everyday life and concerns of common Romans.

The first stage of the project was the creation of styli to be used as carving tools on the wall. Using Lovett's recently renovated Makerspace, students designed and printed the styli on the 3D printer; they then moved to the art room, where they worked on canvas. Thomas Cooper, K12 Engineering and Design Coordinator; Amy Story, Visual Arts Chair and Coordinator of Cross-Curricular Projects; and Ashley Schick, Upper School Visual Arts Teacher, were tremendous resources.

Students worked collaboratively, using creativity and their own style to convey their messages. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible. Agimus maximas gratias illis!


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