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Twenty Percent
Posted 05/25/2016 02:25PM

Lovett's purpose statement, which we use internally to guide our work, calls out our commitment to helping students to develop "curiosity and confidence, inspiring them to find and cultivate their individual voices and best selves." These qualities were readily apparent in the annual 8th grade Advanced English Project Showcase.

Drawing inspiration from the famous 20 percent time projects at Google and 3M, among others, Lovett 8th graders in the Advanced English class spent approximately 20 percent of their time over the course of the year pursuing a project of their choice. They were invited to research an area of interest, solve a problem, or set out to accomplish something. The resulting projects include the planning of a hypothetical wedding, published novels, a small business, a dance-a-thon fundraiser, a series of online training videos, and a self-improvement project, among many others.

Throughout the year, students discovered the magic that can happen when "passion meets purpose." Along the way, each student encountered, struggled with, and ultimately prevailed in the face of a number of obstacles. We invite you to explore the project website to catch a tiny glimpse of what happens when students are given the time, space, and encouragement to cultivate their individual voices.

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