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Making Lovett Greener
Posted 04/29/2016 10:39AM

“Think globally and act locally” is a common phrase in the environmental awareness world and it is the basic approach to the Global Problems section of the 10th grade Modern Global Studies course taught by Kevin Randolph and three other Lovett teachers. Students in all Modern Global classes study current global issues ranging from terrorism and global security to micro lending, all with an eye toward real world application. One of the problems that all Modern Global students investigate is the current state of the global environment and some key challenges to the planet’s long-term sustainability.

The environmental unit included readings, films (“Surviving Extinction”), and a collaborative project where small groups of students discussed a wide range of problems before identifying a “Core Four” to focus on. The project culminated in student groups creating PowerPoint presentations, producing PSA’s (Public Service Announcements), and creating info-graphics related to “Making Lovett Greener.”

The global problems students encounter are inter-related and it is only a small pivot to go from discussing sustainability to considering the role poverty and inequity play in possible environmental solutions. Randolph’s class studied micro lending, and the Kiva Loan program in particular, as a means for responding in a local way to a larger global issue and putting their newfound knowledge to use.


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