Vision for Learning News

Creativity in the Classroom
Posted 03/29/2016 09:00AM
According to Lovett’s Vision for Learning, which speaks to the skills Lovett seeks to develop in all students, a Lovett learner is creative, “constructing imaginative ideas, innovative alternatives, and applying his or her knowledge to non-routine problems—particularly those without rule-based solutions.”

Over the past two years, Lovett faculty have focused intentionally on how we teach creativity, provide opportunities for student expression and choice in problem solving, give feedback on the creative process, and nurture student curiosity.

The March-April exhibit in the Lovett Galleria features student work from all three divisions. The projects on display are a mere sampling of the great work going on across the school. Whether solving a problem that is artistic, scientific, cultural, literary, mathematical, historical, or technological in nature, Lovett students learn from their mistakes, tackle open-ended problems without fear, listen carefully to others, build on others’ ideas, and dwell in possibility.
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