The Lovett student is a person of character who lives the ideals articulated in our character pledge and is prepared to think and act with empathy as a responsible global citizen in an increasingly diverse landscape.

The Lovett student thinks critically and reflectively. As a researcher, he is able to navigate abundant information, analyze and synthesize what he finds, and draw evidence-based conclusions. As a problem solver, she is more interested in asking good questions and developing ideas than in memorizing facts.  


The Lovett student is creative, constructing imaginative ideas and innovative alternatives and applying his knowledge to non-routine problems, particularly those without rule-based solutions.


The Lovett student is an effective communicator who listens attentively, speaks articulately, writes clearly, and conveys his ideas and understandings in a variety of formats using the language of his discipline.

The Lovett student works collaboratively to create a new knowledge base, comprising multiple perspectives. She builds leadership skills by facilitating group discussions, forging consensus, and negotiating outcomes within a diverse group.

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