Quick Takes on the Summer, Plans for the Year, and Favorite Phone Slots
Posted 08/30/2017 03:56PM

With summer having come to an excruciating end and the school year well underway, the OnLion staff members are already hard at work. During the brutally long double block period 3 (thanks, eclipse), the newspaper class (and our advisor, Mr. Newman) split up and explored the campus to conduct our first interviews of the year.

We asked students and faculty a few questions about the summer that passed and the year ahead. This sparked some interesting and comical conversations, and we heard some pretty cool stories.

Best summer story?

Bob Amar - Math Teacher - “We went to Paris and Bruges. I’d never been to those countries before. Everything is so old there...with new buildings growing up around the old ones. The food was amazing. Paris was gourmet and Belgium was more hardy. I was thankful for what little bit of my high school French I remembered.”

Larken McCord - English Teacher - “I went to England and Scotland, and we rented a car and it was a Mini Cooper Countryman, and I loved it… And then I was looking for a new car (since my old one was totaled by another Lovett teacher last year, but that’s a different story), but I ended up buying a Mini Cooper Countryman! And it’s island blue!”

Sibley Brown- 9th grade- “I went on Moondance in Maui. Oh, do you need me to say something memorable like It was an experience I’ll never forget or something like that? Ok, sure, yeah, just add that.”

Olivia Sidman -10th grade- “At my camp, we do this thing called “solo”, and we spend 24 hours in the woods alone.”

Gabby Elve- 11th grade- “I went on a Moondance to Bali, India. We had to hike for four days straight, and I didn’t eat for 30 hours. I just felt like I was going to throw up all the time. But it was great besides that.”

Charlotte Dalke -10th grade- (Charlotte went on a three week sailing camp called Action Quest, where she received her advanced diving certification and experienced a freak diving accident.)  “The pressure in my mask built up too much, it popped all the blood vessels in my eyes. It went away right before school started... I had blood all around my eyes filling my iris and my pupil. It was completely red for like a month.”

Lauren Bernard - 10th grade- “I went to Washington, Oregon for three weeks….I learned that you can go anywhere and not know anyone and still make really close friends.”

Savannah Dean -10th grade- “I took some classes in Cambridge this summer; I just got my grades back and I got two A’s! My comments from my teachers were good, they said I was a great student… when I was awake.”

Ohayon - English teacher - “I took my son to his first concert, to see Eric Nam at Terminal West. I taught him when he was in high school here, so we got to go backstage and talk about summer reading from 2007 with him! And he was GQ’s Korean Man of the Year!”

Sarah Dorian - Orchestra Teacher - “In summer, I literally get the heck out of dodge… Either camping in the Outer Banks, which was really amazing… Or teaching at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp… There were people there from Germany and Austria.”

Will Houk - 10th grade - “I loved going to camp for three weeks and spending time with the people there. And washing a lot of dishes.”

Hope for the year?

Dagny Peters - 9th grade - “My hope for this school year is to enjoy life and stop worrying and still work hard while managing my time.”

Bob Amar - Math Teacher - “To make sure there is enough fun and play in classes to go along with the material. The calendar is the enemy in math. Math is about more than the grind.”

Sibley Brown - 9th grade-  “Making good grades?”

Samantha Austin - 11th grade- “Honestly, I just hope I survive junior year.”

Gabby Elve - 11th grade-  “American Studies could be the death of me.”

Jordan Knotts - 10th grade- “I really want to try to be nice to everybody this year.”

Recommendation (movie, music, Atlanta spot, etc.)?

Larken McCord - English teacher - “I always tell students to go to the High Museum.”

Anne Konigsmark - English teacher - “I’ve been listening to Lord Huron a lot. I recommend the podcast ‘S-Town.’”

Katie Johnson - English teacher - “Go to the Center for Civil and Human Rights.”

Jones Bell - 9th grade - “See the movie Dunkirk.”

Jessica Amador - Leadership Giving Leader - “Wonder Woman was amazing.”

Crouse - Art History - “I thought Dunkirk was really good. I loved how it was done in film; it really made a difference. I just started watching Riverdale. Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed!”

Dailey Moog - 10th grade- “I really like Khalid, I started listening to him a lot over the summer.”

Dagny Peters - 9th grade- “For a TV show, The 100. It’s the best TV show ever, and everyone should watch it.”

Samantha Austin - 11th grade - “I tried out Sweet Charlie’s rolled ice cream. It was really cool!”

Charlotte Dalke and Lauren Bernard-10th- “RIVERDALE!”

Mimi Norton - 12th grade - “Listen to the self-titled album by Rips!”

Favorite phone slot #? Why? What do you do when someone is in your favorite slot?

Emma and Mia - 9th grade - in unison- “Nine” lock eyes, “I’ll move someone’s phone if it’s in there,” says Emma.

Dagny Peters - 9th grade - “Ten because my birthday is 10/10.”

Josh Robinson - 9th Grade - “15, or 2 if 15 is already taken.”

Matias Gowens - 10th grade-  “Sides and corners so I know where it is.”

Sibley Brown - 9th grade - “Ten. Definitely ten.”

Reece Coker - 9th grade-  “30, so that I can remember where it is.”

Johnson - English teacher - “2, because that was my number in college.”

Trey Bohannon - 12th grade - “21, because of that meme.”

Savannah Dean - 10th grade- “Number 1, because it’s near the top and near the door.”

Cole Arndt - 10th grade - “Well, the phone slots are assigned in two of my classes, so I don’t really get to choose.”

Best and worst part of the new schedule?

Sally Crouse - Art History - “I like that there is no A-Day” and “I like that there is a bit more continuity.”

Bob Amar - Math teacher - “I like the softer start, and not having to show up at 7:00AM for morning tutorials. I don’t like having to memorize the new period rotation.”

Olivia Sidman- 10th grade- “The extra 10 minutes in the morning don’t make a difference at all, getting out at 3:10 is the worst.”

Matias Gowens - 10th grade - “I like that there are no A-Days anymore.”

Jones Bell - 10th grade - “The worst part is that I still have a day with all of my academic classes. But the best part is there’s another day where I only have two academic classes.”

Samantha Austin - 11th grade- “I feel like I have one of my periods more than others. I know I have it just as much as my other classes, but it feel like I have it every day.  Also, there is one day where I have all of my core classes.”

Dailey Moog - 10th grade - “I never thought I would say this, but I kind of miss A days. The classes were shorter so that was nice.”

What’s your favorite thing you bought to get ready for the year?

Johnson - English teacher - “This isn’t for the school year, but I just bought tickets to go see Britney Spears in Las Vegas next week.”

Sibley Brown - 9th grade- “Probably my shoes, Nike Air Maxes. They make me look taller so that’s good.”

Bob Amar - Math teacher - “I bought a whiteboard compass because it’s hard to freehand circles. Mike Sanders can do it, but I can’t.”

Jones Bell - 10th grade - “I bought a pencil pouch! I’ve never really had a pencil pouch before…. So I feel really connected to it.”

Dagny Peters- 9th grade - “My backpack because it’s compact, nice, and easy to carry around. Also, I like the colors.”

Who’s somebody interesting we should talk to this year? And why?

Bob Amar - math teacher - “Rhonda Railey has a beautiful singing voice.”

Jordan Knotts - 10th grade - “Blaine McAlister, the new football player”

English department women of period 3 all agreed: “Talk to Mr. Alig’s wife.”

Lillie Moore- 10th grade- “I have an exchange student here from England!”

Will Houk - 10th grade - “Talk to Frank Lummus… I don’t know why.”

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