The Irreplaceable Ms. Copps
Posted 05/03/2017 02:14PM

Fourteen years ago, when the freshmen were still chewing on stuffed animals and crying in their cribs, Lovett was graced with the gift that is Ms. Copps.

For those of you who don’t know Ms. Copps, she is the one who guarantees that every Lovett student gets into college, meaning she handles all of the paperwork (which these days is more electronic work) including our applications, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. She handles more files than most of us have seen in our lifetime, and yet she still strides down the halls with a big grin.

Mrs. Navarro’s description of Ms. Copps as a bright light could not be more accurate as she’s constantly smiling and happy to help in every situation. It doesn’t matter what she is working on, if you approach her desk in the college counseling office she will stop and help you until you’ve gotten everything you need, and then she’ll check up on you later that day and make sure you’re still good.

“I have never met anyone more efficient, effective and organized nor anyone with so much genuine kindness and charm,” Ms. Navarro said.

Ms. Copps has a very unique role in the upper school, as she’s constantly interacting with seniors and the college counselors. “I love that I get to know the kids besides just doing detail work, that’s the best part of my job,” Ms. Copps said. “In fact my own children get tired of hearing me talk about Lovett kids,” she laughed.

A few years back, when it was occupation day during senior week, one of the senior girls dressed up as Ms. Copps. “She brought me her uniform so I could dress up as her, I thought that was hilarious, and really sweet.” she said.

“She really is our school mom,” said senior Claire Biggerstaff. “I remember one time I had an interview I was preparing for and she took time out of her day to help me. That was so sweet of her.”

It never matters how bad our case of senioritis was, Ms. Copps is always prepared to pick up our slack when we procrastinate and she makes sure everything is turned in and on time.

Not only does she help us seniors, but her co-workers, each every one of them, sing her praises. “She's the consummate team player,” said Ms. Sant. “She is always the first to praise one of us but the last to celebrate her own achievements.”

Ms. Copps said that the hardest thing to leave behind will not only be the students, but her team of college counselors. “We tend to laugh a lot,” she smiled. And it’s exactly that which Ms. Navarro will miss the most too. “I love hearing her laugh--when something is really funny, she kind of snorts a little bit,” she said.

However, there are some things that Ms. Copps won’t be missing, like her long commute and all those early mornings and sleep deprived days (something that most of us can relate to).  

Ms. Copps’s plans after leaving Lovett are still up in the air, as she and her husband mutually agreed to not make plans until they were both retired, as he retired a few years back.

“The College Counseling office will not be the same without her,” said Navarro. “You'll likely see us crying a lot at the end of May.”

Though Ms. Copps guarantees that her replacement will be just as capable, there’s really no replacing Sue Copps, her incredible service to the school and countless senior classes, and her day-making smile.

“She makes coming to work each day a great joy,” said Ms. Sant. “There's simply no one else for whom we could have imagined working with over the last six years!”

We love you Ms. Copps and wish you the best of luck in this new chapter in your life!

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