Pink is for Calculus
Posted 10/02/2016 08:06AM

I, like most high schoolers, am a very busy person.

I’m at school from 8 am to 3 pm, cross country practice from 3:45 pm to 6 pm, physical therapy from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. On top of that, I have to  shower, eat dinner, and do my homework.

I barely have a second to myself.

Thanks to pleasant 4:45 am wake up calls on Saturday mornings for cross country meets, Friday nights are spent at Figo for dinner with the team and then promptly going to bed as early as I can.

With senior year also brings the agonizing college application deadlines. Two early action applications due October 15th, two more November 1st, a scholarship deadline December 1st, and a regular decision deadline January 1st.

I manage all of this by being extremely organized, and I pride myself on my routinely scheduled, and often color-coordinated way of life.

When it comes to school, I assign a color to each binder, pen for notes, and pen for homework in my assignment notebook. Purple? Environmental Science. Green? AP Lit. Blue? Calculus Pink? Well, you get the point…

It doesn’t stop there. I log my running through a Google Spreadsheet that my coach has access to. Every season, every week, every day, every mile is on that log. Upcoming runs are in red. Completed runs are green if they are a workout, along with their accommodating splits, or black if it is a normal run. Races are pink and weekly totals are purple.

Now, you might think that when I do get some free time, I balance things out by putting away the colored pens, and nonchalantly spending my time in bed, binge-watching Netflix, being completely spontaneous and proudly unproductive.

But that’s not the way I am. My over-organized tendencies transcend the boundaries of my academics and extracurriculars.

When making plans for my weeks, whether it is with my friends, boyfriend, family, or even just myself, I like to have an “itinerary.”

Whether it is brunch/lunch/dinner plans, shopping trips to the mall, or just fun outings, I like to know exactly where we are going and at what time, which consequently allows me to plan out time to get ready for those activities.

I’ll admit that my need to be organized and to schedule everything down to the minute has led to some funny personality quirks.

For example, the night before I am doing something, no matter if it is going out to a nice dinner or just meeting my friend at their house to hang out, I will lay out my outfit. I’ll put several options of clothes and shoes and corresponding jewelry right out on my floor, next to my bed. Depending on what my friends are wearing, the weather, and some instinctive sixth fashion sense, I’ll make my choice.

Even on vacations, when you’re really supposed to let go, I can’t. In fact, my over-planning  tendencies seem to be at an all-time high. Whether it is a relaxing beach trip or a fun or activity-filled adventure, I am anxious to know exactly what we are doing every single day. I know I drive my parents crazy when I make them tell me the plan, so that I can figure out when I should run, what are we doing for breakfast/lunch/dinner, when we will go to the beach or when we will go bike riding.

Now I know what many of you are probably thinking. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how your organization game compares to mine. If not, you probably think I am crazy. And you are probably right. However, I find some comfort in the fact that my mom will occasionally ask my sister to “be more organized like Emma.”

And listen, I can relax. You may think that someone like me never goes with the flow, but I do, a lot. It is just that, if I had it my way, I would have it all planned out beforehand.

So, I guess that in some ways, being this organized can be helpful. It allows you to stay on top of things and, consequently, get more things done and avoid being overly stressed.

And being a high school student at Lovett gives you plenty of opportunities to be overly stressed. From the copious amounts of homework, to weekly quizzes, tests, and papers, to college application due dates, we barely have time to ourselves. With all of this craziness, I have found a way that works for me to get things done in a manner that suits me, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Then again, I had to get a new pen pack recently, and the color shades are different. The purple used to be a bright purple, and now it’s more of an eggplant. See. I know how to live life on the edge.

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