Bookends: Senior-Freshman Siblings
Posted 09/07/2016 02:26PM

With the freshman-senior sibling combo, you have one member at the top of the totem pole and one at the bottom. The freshman has the comfort of having a friendly face in the hallway. The senior gets to be guide and mentor to their brother or sister.

Senior Peyton Bogard says that it will definitely take some time to get used to seeing his sister, Paige, “walk down the halls in a navy polo.” Despite Paige’s presence, Peyton says that he doesn’t conduct himself differently knowing that Paige and her friends could be right around the corner unless “it is time to lay down the law” when they step out of line.

Another senior, Elizabeth Olsen, loves having her sister, Catherine, in the Upper School. Like Peyton, Elizabeth says that “it will take some getting used to seeing her [Catherine] and her friends walking around in the Upper School uniforms.” Elizabeth describes the overall experience as “different, but a good different!” Now that Elizabeth and Catherine have a more common school experience, they can talk about their days more easily at dinner.

Senior Avery Dean is fairly hands-off in his role as a mentor for his sister, Savannah, but nevertheless, he loves seeing her in the halls, though not always for the most generous of reasons. Avery enjoys the bragging rights that come with “being a senior when she is only a freshman and still has a long way to go until she graduates.”

These seniors unanimously enjoy having their siblings in the Upper School with them for their last year at Lovett.

As for the youngers, Paige, like Peyton, also needs a little time adjusting to seeing her sibling in the halls. But she likes how Peyton’s friends are familiar faces in the hallways. Sometimes, Peyton can’t resist messing with Paige. He says that when the opportunity arises, “it is way too tempting.” Paige recalled the time last week when Peyton and his friends took a detention slip from the administrative office, wrote a fake detention notice, and had another senior hand deliver it to her. It really freaked Paige out. Despite these little pranks, Paige embraces the opportunity of having a senior brother.

Catherine loves the fact that she can see Elizabeth every day now. She believes that her transition into life as a high schooler has definitely been smoother than expected thanks to Elizabeth’s guidance and advice. Catherines says that “Elizabeth has been super helpful in the fact that she is always willing to answer my questions.”

Savannah enjoys having Avery in the same building as her. She says that he “helps her figure out what to wear on NUD days, gives her advice regarding friends and classes, and helps explain what the different aspects of the Upper School are.”

Savannah looks up to Avery as a role model and mentor, but sometimes feels like she is being compared to him, which she doesn’t like because she wants to be viewed as an individual, not Avery’s little sister.

Paige believes that Peyton’s presence in the Upper School has not only helped her, but her parents too, as they “already know what to do and expect.” Additionally, the fact that Paige has a similar schedule to what Peyton had when he was a freshman ensures that he can thoughtfully aid her in any questions she has regarding homework.

Despite all of the guidance and help Peyton offers Paige regarding the ins-and-outs of high school, her absolute favorite aspect of having a senior sibling is when she “makes him get her food using his senior privileges.” I know I would do the same if I was in her situation.

Elizabeth’s guidance and advice for Catherine started before the first day of classes rolled around. Elizabeth said that she “helped her pick her classes, explained what girls wore for NUDs, and tried to help her decipher the schedule rotation.”

Peyton, Elizabeth, and Avery all have some advice they would like to pass on to their siblings, but also to all of the current freshman in general.

Avery’s advice was right to the point and was guided by his own mistakes he made early in his high school career: “Do not procrastinate.”

Peyton thoughtfully advised the freshmen to “let the little things go and not let small, petty things dictate your high school career.” He thinks it is important to “rise above it all and learn to have a great time with the right group of friends.”

Elizabeth was worried that her advice may come across as “cliché”; however, everything she said could not be more true. “Take advantage of everything around you. Take the time to get to know your peers and teachers. Just yesterday I felt like I was still a freshman anxiously awaiting to go on SING or nervously looking down at the seniors from the balcony in assemblies and now I am a senior applying to colleges! Again, take advantage of everything and always try hard in class. College may seem far away, and although freshmen should NOT be thinking about college, just know that these grades really do count, so always strive to do your best!”

Paige, Catherine, and Savannah are all super thankful for their siblings guiding their way through their freshman year. I wondered if the older siblings wished that they had a senior sibling when they were freshman. Peyton, Elizabeth, and Avery all agreed that while it would be an incredible opportunity to have a senior sibling, they would rather not repeat freshman year.
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