Kaitlyn Garrett -
"The reason why I was inspired to organize this walkout is because I have a renewed sense of optimism as a result of the youth activism that has resulted from the Parkland shootings," says Dylan Shapiro, who organized the protest.
Evie Monroe -
"I've gotten a little bit more poise now, hopefully, then when I started out," he admits. He has been able to maintain this due to his "great confidence in our community."
Evie Monroe -
"We have an important job," she says. "Our important job is to keep remembering and to keep imagining what else could happen."
Mimi Norton -
"I just threw together some flyers and a website, and told a lot of my friends who are creative, and it just spread through word-of-mouth."
Katie Krantz -
"That was one of my favorite chapels," says Senior Grace Anne Muller. "It was so cool to hear her speak, and I think it really showed that Lovett is committed to letting a lot of different voices be heard."
Arnav Rajdev -
"Dr. Pitchford has told me to 'Express, don't impress,' and I try to live by that every time I perform."
Kaitlyn Garrett -
"It is a science laboratory in the sky, literally."
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