Binge While You Binge
Posted 02/23/2018 08:32AM

Whenever you watch Netflix, you may be compelled as I am to open up a snack and munch as your favorite characters make you laugh or cry. It’s bingeing while you binge!

Over time, I’ve managed to come up with some good pairings of shows with food to match your mood.

Parks and Recreation and Homemade Apple Pie

Parks and Recreation was a smash hit and introduced stars such as Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza. The show centers around an overly enthusiastic Amy Poehler who is thrilled about government. Amy Poehler, who is a little too excited about managing the parks and rec section of her town, is always striving to make her hometown of Pawnee, Indiana the best it can be. To honor her patriotism, chow down on your mom’s homemade apple pie. Another way to go is to match Ron Swanson’s appetite for meat, meat, and more meat.

The Office and Chex Mix

One of the best shows ever made, The Office, takes a seemingly boring plot and turns it into twenty minutes of side-splitting laughter. The diverse cast is always engaging in hilarious banter. From the Office Olympics to Scott’s Tots, this 9-season long show never fails to make me laugh. While you watch this show, crack open a bag of bold Chex Mix because you’re going to need something to satisfy your hunger for daring jokes. This assorted bag of snacks symbolizes the eclectic cast.

Gilmore Girls and Layered Cake

Another cult favorite show is Gilmore Girls. It centers around a mother-daughter duo, with many characters intertwining in their story. This beloved show is a dramedy, with multiple layers of amusement, relationships, different towns, varying values, witty dialogue, and countless pop culture references. To enjoy this show, pull out a layered cake.

Friends and Espresso

Friends is one of the best shows to binge. There’s nothing better than watching the group hang out at Central Perk throughout the night and into the early morning. However, you must be able to stay awake to keep up with the bursting energy of the show. From Joey’s food craze to “WE WERE ON A BREAK,” Friends never fails to keep me engaged. This is why at 3 am you need to pull out multiple espresso shots to keep those eyes open.

New Girl and Gummy Bears

Another hilarious yet sweet show is New Girl, which depicts a dysfunctional group of unlikely friends. The show revolves around well-meaning, offbeat Jess who always sees the good in people. As Jess puts it, “Oh my gosh, it’s food. I love food.” Don’t be afraid to whip out a jumbo size bag of sour gummy bears. Jess is a young girl at heart, yet she is full of zest and always has zingers for people who try to bring her down.

Glee and Fruit Salad

Glee was a sensational hit that created its own genre. A comedy, drama, and a musical, Glee is its own genre in its own right. When you watch it, you can’t help but try to match Rachel Berry’s astonishing vocal cords. To be able to sing along to iconic songs such as Don’t Stop Believing and the mash-up of Singin in the Rain and Umbrella, you need to warm up your vocal cords. Munch on a colorful bowl of fruit salad. Although you may be tempted to dip strawberries into chocolate, resist because it is bad for your singing abilities. Fair warning- bring tissues for season 5 (spoiler, sorry).

That 70s Show and Fondue

A rather odd premise- a group of teenagers living in Wisconsin in the late 70s, but That 70s Show seems to work. Although the show is set over 40 years ago, the teens are genuinely relatable. Yes, they may do disco instead of Instagram, but they are indeed hilarious. When you watch That 70s Show, blow the dust off your grandmother’s fondue set and fire it up. As you watch the gang talk the day’s events over the “fun”due, melt some delicious milk chocolate and dip foods such as strawberries and cheesecake.

This is Us and Pizza

Normally, I am not a fan of dramas, as you can tell from my many comedy choices, but This is Us has managed to pique my interest. It is the story of a multi-generational family that faces challenges and triumphs for over thirty years. Three siblings learn from their parents’ past and their turbulent childhood to discover new revelations about their present life. Although the family is bonded through their love for one another, they all are unique and different. While you are watching this show, order a piping hot pizza from one of your favorite pizza takeout places. Although you all share one large pizza, everyone gets different toppings--Pepperoni! Mushrooms! Pineapple!--to represent the show’s variety of characters.

Grey’s Anatomy and Saltine Crackers

When Grey’s Anatomy first came out, it received superb reviews. It was able to have a creative storyline every episode. However, over the course of fourteen seasons, the show has slowly gone downhill. Someone breaks up, gets together, or dies every 10 seconds, and it gets quite old. While watching this show (if you can make it through), snack on saltine crackers, unsalted. This bland snack will suppress your appetite for boredom. Also, if you are squeamish from all the bloody guts, saltines are easy on your stomach.

If you only take away one thing from this article, know that bingeing is not bingeing unless you binge.

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