Grade 11 Courses

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Required Courses

Eleventh grade students are required to take one course from each category below: 

American Studies (English and history)

American Studies Honors (Honors English and Honors history)

Algebra II or Algebra II Honors

College Algebra & Trigonometry

Precalculus or Precalculus Honors

Calculus, AP Calculus AB, or AP Calculus BC

Elective Courses

They should complete their schedules by choosing from the listings below. At least one full unit must be from Group I.

Science Courses: Although four years of science are recommended, only three years are required for graduation. These count as Group I courses. 

Physics or AP Physics 1

Environmental Science


Genetics (Fall only)

Human Anatomy & Physiology (Spring only)

Marine Biology

AP Environmental Science

AP Biology (1.5 units) or AP Chemistry (1.5 units)

Full year academic (Group I) courses:

French II-VI, honors, and AP

Spanish I-VI, honors and AP

Chinese II-V, honors and AP

Latin II-V, honors and AP

AP Computer Science

Honors Computer Science Studies

AP Statistics

AP Music Theory

AP Art History

One semester academic (Group I) courses:


American Law & Government

History of American Nonviolence (Fall only)

History of Global Nonviolence (Spring only)

Holocaust & the History of Genocide Honors (Fall only)

Holocaust & the History of Genocide (Spring only)

Introduction to Economics (Spring only)

AP Macroeconomics (Fall only)

AP Microeconomics (Spring only)


History of American Nonviolence (Fall only)

History of Global Nonviolence (Spring only)

Old Testament

New Testament

World Religions


Genetics (Fall only)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Spring only)

Computer Science

Computer Science II: Media Computation & App Development

Engineering II: Robotics


Creative Writing (Fall only)

Introduction to Psychology (Spring only)

One semester non-academic (Group II) courses:

Computer Science

Digital Media and Interactive Design

Computer Science I: Foundations

Engineering I: Introduction to Engineering Design and Fabrication

Fine Arts

Foundations of Art



Ceramics I or II

Printmaking I or II

Fine Arts Makers Studio

Introduction to Digital Photography

Photography I, II, or III

Visual Arts Honors

History of Film

Critical Approaches to Film

Motion Picture Production

Theater Arts I

Design & Production I (Fall only) or Design & Production I Advanced (Spring only)



Ethical Leadership

Good v. Evil - Religious and Moral Themes in the Movies (Spring only)

Human Development (Spring only)

Physical Education

Advanced Fitness


Debate & Public Speaking

Technology Aide, Student Aide, or Student Tutor

Independent Study

Study Period

Full year non-academic (Group II) courses:


Band or Ellington Band Honors

Women’s Chorus, Men’s Chorus, or Lovett Singers Honors

Theater Arts I, II, or III

Design & Production I, II, or III

Screenwriting I or II

Newspaper Journalism or Yearbook Journalism

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