Junior Outdoor Expedition (JOE)

Lovett's Junior Outdoor Expedition (JOE) is a five-day, four-night backpacking trip in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest. JOE seeks to create a shared experience for the junior class--one that challenges each student physically and intellectually, fosters leadership, and promotes environmental awareness.

The JOE program was created in 1994 under the guidance of former Lovett Headmaster Jim Hendrix.

The JOE trip generally departs on Sunday for North Carolina. Upon arrival at Pisgah, the junior class is organized into groups of 10-12 students, with two adults assigned to each group. The first task of each group is to distribute their gear and food among themselves. For the next five days the groups hike through the Pisgah Forest, sharing responsibilities of leading, cooking, pumping water, and cleaning.

While hiking is the primary activity, there is plenty of free time to relax. 

The variety of hiking trails and campsites and the natural beauty make the Pisgah National Forest an ideal setting for JOE.

JOE Updates

Pictures of JOE (Junior Outdoor Expedition) exploring North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest
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