The Arts are Essential

The Fine Arts program is a crucial part of Lovett's philosophy of educating the whole child. Studies have proven that the arts promote critical thinking, self-confidence, discipline, and more. Want to learn more? Follow this blog from Fine Arts Director Jay Freer.



Fall Message to Parents

Mrs. Lovett was an amazing visionary if you stop and realize how she put together the pieces of a “whole child” education decades ago.

She knew – on some basic level some of what I write here was functioning within her design for progressive education. She might not have put it together this way, but these statements capture why the arts are so important at Lovett:

  • Artists enrich our culture, enlighten our society, lift our spirits, and feed our souls.
  • Integrative arts education from an early age sparks a lifetime of creative thinking, powerful self-expression, and innovative problem solving.
  • Rigorous artistic training empowers students and graduates to engage our communities, advance local and global creative industries, and inspire the world.
  • Arts organizations improve the quality of life and place in big cities like Atlanta and in small communities, transforming them from merely livable to truly lovable.
  • Lovett nurtures the talent, hones the craft, and develops the unique voices of each Lovett graduate – enabling them to function in the business and the artistic world with equal skill.
  • Sustained study in the arts at Lovett helps each student realize the full potential of their creative selves and nurtures passionate students who learn to do their best work – in all they do – and become their best selves.
  • Without sustained study in the arts as part of each student’s educational journey and discovery – one cannot say they are getting a true Lovett education of the whole child. A strong background in rigorous arts is as essential as all other programs at Lovett – The Arts are a part of our community and a unique opportunity that Lovett does better than any other school.
  • Through sustained study in an art form, students discover who they arehow to seehow to be a creative being in all they do … and how to use their knowledge in ways that would not connect for them without studying in the arts.  

As you consider your child’s educational path at Lovett, don’t lose sight of the arts. Each time I run into alumni, they all offer two statements:

“I wish I had done more in the arts while I was at Lovett!”
“My experience in the arts has had a more profound impact on my work and my adult life than anything I have done."

If you would like to find out more about why the arts are important, why your child simply must enter into sustained study in the arts, and why education in fine arts is the difference maker – please contact me and let’s sit down and discuss that part of your child’s educational journey at here at Lovett.

Here’s to a great 2016-17 school year – the opportunities for your child are right here! Take advantage of all we offer! 

Posted by Jay Freer on Thursday September, 15, 2016


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