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The Fine Arts program is a crucial part of Lovett's philosophy of educating the whole child. Studies have proven that the arts promote critical thinking, self-confidence, discipline, and more. Want to learn more? Follow this blog from Fine Arts Director Jay Freer.



Short Term Choice - Long Term Repercussion

It is that time of year - time to sign up for classes for the 2015 - 2016 academic year.

Here are some Fine Arts related thoughts that I urge you to consider.

  1. Don’t make a quick decision on dropping or switching out of a fine arts class in which your child has had long-term involvement. The key to the benefits of the arts is sustained study. Jumping from discipline to discipline does not help your child. It simply dilutes the power of study in the arts.
  2. If your child leaves Band or Orchestra at any point in 7th – 11th grades, they can’t return to these classes. Band and Orchestra carry a sequential curriculum. If you drop either at any time, it is impossible to jump back into the class. The Lovett Choral program is fast becoming the same, due to the music theory being covered in detail.
    There are numerous stories of people who played an instrument like piano at an early age and quit. I cannot tell you how often I hear from those people that they wish their parents had made them continue. Sustained study in an art form is never a regret. All art forms get a little more difficult and technical around 7th grade and this is where we see students leaving a program because it is challenging. Stick with it—the payoff is dramatic.
  3. Often Middle School students try to get out of the “extra work” that is associated with some performing arts classes. The idea is that other pieces of their schedule become too demanding—or the story of how difficult their academics will become seems to grab hold of families as they begin to examine college. Sometimes students want to switch to a class in which their friends are all applying. I urge you to consider carefully that these are not reasons to leave sustained study in an art form. A busy schedule should not cause a family to choose to leave the arts—examine where the stress is coming from and find a balance.
  4. In nearly every school in the country, most students take a rigorous academic load. In almost every school in the country, students participate in athletics. What is different here at Lovett, is the opportunity to sustain study in rigorous and meaningful arts. It can, and often is, a difference maker for students applying to college—if your child participates in a sustained and meaningful way.
  5. The arts carry enormous benefits. The arts are not “a great break from a student’s academics.” The arts are not just a thing that we encourage students to do for “fun.” The arts at Lovett carry meaningful education in areas like Core Competencies beyond nearly any other activity. It brings together the intellectual mind of a student in contact with their creative mind and challenges them to use that knowledge in ways that are “outside the box.”

Sustained study in an art form is meaningful for your child and to their future. Stick with it and gain the best of a Lovett education—academics, fine arts, athletics, and service. Without the arts as a “core” part of your child’s education, you aren’t really getting a Lovett education.

Posted by Jay Freer on Wednesday March, 18, 2015 at 10:57AM


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