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The Fine Arts program is a crucial part of Lovett's philosophy of educating the whole child. Studies have proven that the arts promote critical thinking, self-confidence, discipline, and more. Want to learn more? Follow this blog from Fine Arts Director Jay Freer.



STEM to STEAM - the Arts are the key!

We all have heard that Science, Technology, Engineering , and Math (STEM) are key areas of study for today's students so they can be prepared for research and development. Within the last four years, here has also been a considerable push for business to fully understand that without the creative force of Arts in that model, the movement falls short. So STEAM, the inclusion of Arts in the STEM model, is now a powerful part of education. Fortunately, Lovett is actively engaged bringing this all important component to your children! 

See what the BBC says just recently -
See what Forbes offered last year -
This from Edutopia -

A couple of years ago, as part of the fantastic partnership Lovett enjoys with the High Museum, John Maeda, then President of the Rhoda Island School of Design, spoke passionately about this very subject. This article in Wired gives a good summation of his argument that the Arts are a major part of the STEAM model that can not be ignored. -

The arts have value on their own. Thankfully at Lovett, they are highly valued and a part of Lovett's academics. The business world is starting to understand that students who have had extended study in the arts, might very well be the key to our future innovation and economy. Make sure your child is well prepared for the future of business, stay in the arts all the way through 12th grade. It takes some thought and time to plan accordingly, but it might just be the magic element Mrs. Lovett identified so many years ago!
Posted by Jay Freer on Monday November, 24, 2014 at 09:43AM


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