The Arts are Essential

The Fine Arts program is a crucial part of Lovett's philosophy of educating the whole child. Studies have proven that the arts promote critical thinking, self-confidence, discipline, and more. Want to learn more? Follow this blog from Fine Arts Director Jay Freer.



Fine Arts at Lovett

The fine arts program is a crucial part of Lovett’s philosophy of educating “the whole child.” If your child is not actively participating in sustained study of an art form throughout their educational career, they are missing the key to invaluable emotional and intellectual development. Scientific studies have proven the arts promote critical thinking skills, self-expression, self-confidence, discipline, and understanding of group dynamics. Students also attain higher SAT scores and gain an unparalleled edge entering college.

Mrs. Lovett understood the importance of the arts in education, and I urge you to carefully examine our Fine Arts curriculum with your child and encourage their commitment and sustained study. Taught by professional artists, Lovett students are afforded exceptional opportunities and resources in visual and performing arts—band, chorus, dance, drama, film, orchestra, technical theater and applied lessons in piano, voice, and band and orchestral instruments.

The Friends of the Arts volunteer parent organization (headed by Jane Jackson), our Headmaster Billy Peebles, our dedicated trustees, and our parents and students all combine to make Lovett a very special school.

Posted by webmaster on Friday August, 1, 2014


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