Lovett has been intentional about expanding the academic offerings that focus on cultures beyond North America. The history department's Asian, African, and Latin American Studies courses and the language department’s Chinese, Spanish, French, and Latin classes have been popular offerings for many years. Students in English 10 read literature from around the world, and most senior English and history electives have a non-Western focus. Sophomores in Modern Global History are exposed to the underpinnings of Western Civilizations, but they also consider historical themes through a global lens. Global education is not limited to the humanities. For example, students in marine biology and environmental science spend considerable time learning how small changes can have significant effects on ecosystems worldwide. Within these and other courses, students might also find the opportunity to virtually visit the countries about which they are studying through Skype sessions and shared videos. Guest speakers with backgrounds or life experience outside the United States frequently share their lives and expertise with students.

Courses on Location

In recent years, Lovett students have studied Israel’s history, culture, and religious traditions in Jerusalem. They’ve documented the people and places of central Mexico in a photography course. And they’ve learned tropical ecology and studied Spanish on location at Siempre Verde in Ecuador. The list of Lovett for-credit courses on location varies from year to year.

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