Spiritual Life

Lovett welcomes students of many different faiths and backgrounds.

Although not formally affiliated with any specific religious tradition, The Lovett School values and encourages a sense of responsibility to God, respect for diversity, service to others, and moral awareness, and expects its graduates to be men and women of honor and faith.

Chapel services are led by our chaplains in each school division, and offer opportunities to worship God, facilitate spiritual growth, and provide meaningful, age-appropriate messages that relate faith to life. These services are understood from a Judeo-Christian perspective and expressed through a Christian orientation. Through skits, drama, prayers, songs, messages, and music, these services provide a distinctive time for school members to come together as a community to reflect on the meaning of the higher values we espouse in our personal and collective lives. All-school chapel services are held three times each year, gathering together our Kindergarten through Grade 12 students for fellowship.

Lovett's closing All-School Chapel is such a special time. It’s a visual reminder that we’re a K-12 institution, molding the children from youngest to oldest. When you see the seniors recessing out from the service, they don’t just thank their Upper School teachers. They find their Lower and Middle School teachers to hug, too. That’s what Lovett is all about. It’s about creating the whole child, from beginning to end.

Charissa Gransden, Lower School Teacher

Bible and religion department courses--required in all school divisions--establish a foundation of Biblical knowledge, address basic Judeo-Christian beliefs, and foster an understanding of major world religions.

Student vestries in all school divisions offer opportunities for their members to contribute to the community. In addition to planning weekly chapel services, students participate in faith-building retreats and service projects.

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