Middle School

Lovett's Middle School is a community of active learners working in concert for the development of individual success and self-esteem. It employs a comprehensive curriculum that seeks to develop the whole child--intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially, aesthetically, and emotionally. The Middle School academically challenges its students in foreign language, math, social studies, language arts, and science, while at the same nurturing emotional and creative development through our acclaimed fine arts and athletic programs.

Sixth Grade

In the sixth grade a typical day includes the core academic classes, health and physical education, World Languages, religion, reading strategies, and the Lovett Life Lessons rotation of Peer Relationships, Computer Literacy, Diversity Awareness, Etiquette, Public Speaking, Research Techniques, Service Learning, and Leadership. The sixth grade takes a class trip to Chattanooga.

Seventh Grade

While enjoying a similar daily schedule in seventh grade, the students make a choice from four languages (Chinese, French, Latin, or Spanish) for daily study. Additionally they choose one elective (see course descriptions). The seventh grade takes a class trip to Washington, D.C. Beginning in the seventh grade students can participate on school athletic teams. Each of the three sports seasons includes at least one no-cut sport.

Eighth Grade

The daily class schedule includes civics, physical science, algebra or geometry, and English. Interdisciplinary activities include Mock Congress and a social issues research project. All classes emphasize critical and creative thinking. The focus of this grade is leadership training and service learning, as well as preparation to move successfully into the Upper School. The eighth grade travels to New York City in the spring.

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