Junior Year Challenges Prove To Be Manageable
Posted 05/15/2018 12:14PM

by Meme Greene / Lion Staff


Dear Sophomores (aka rising Juniors): This is for you.

I did it. I made it through my Junior year. I finished American Studies, I spent countless nights procrastinating until 12:00 am, and I managed to get through mono while maintaining my grades.

I know this sounds impossible, but contrary to popular belief, there is a secret behind all of the hype about Junior year: it is over hyped, or in the words of JJ Mutombo, “Underwhelming.”

Don’t get me wrong, the year is still challenging, but it is nothing to be freaked out about, as long as you complete your assignments. According to Michael Hardee, Junior year didn’t cover the hardest material, it was just the most demanding year in terms of workload.

I asked my friends in my grade to tell me a little bit about their year. The first question I asked was, “What was something that was not as challenging as you expected it to be?”

Without fail, every single person gave the same answer: AmStud.

Ah, yes, the infamous American Studies class. Often referred to as the hardest class at Lovett, AmStud gets a bad reputation for having insane amounts of work as well as extremely difficult material. My classmates and I, who took the class this year, had a different opinion.

Shelby Jordan explained that AmStud wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. “There was a lot of writing, but I had great teachers which made it more manageable,” she said.

“American Studies was hard, but not harder than AP Euro last year,” said Alex Hohlstein. “People made it sound really hard, but it was more manageable than I expected.”

Challen Morgan agreed that AmStud wasn’t too challenging. He recently received the American Studies Research Paper award, and was acknowledged by Lovett’s faculty for his excellence in that area of study.


Another aspect of Junior year that was not as hard as Liana Malinowski expected was parking in the deck. “I was really worried about it at the beginning of the year, but now I am really good at parking.”

The next question that I asked my classmates was, “What was something that was more challenging than you expected it to be?”

Aaron Powell, unlike the rest of the Juniors I spoke to, said, “Everything was just as hard as I thought it would be, even AmStud.”

Many people described Physics as their hardest class. Colton Mays took AP Physics, and said it was harder than he thought it would be. “First semester I thought it was impossible,” he said.

Leo Gray, who took AP Environmental Science and Marine Biology instead of physics this year, described math to be his most difficult course. “Honors Pre-Calc was so hard for me,” he said. “I found this year difficult, but I made it through.”

Izzy Johnson also took Honors Pre-Calc this year, describing it as her “hardest class by far.” Izzy also explained that Junior year is “easier than people give it credit for.”

Several students felt that because there was so much anticipation, they ended up trying harder in their classes. “The level of difficulty is the same as other years,” said John Dulin. “But I have better grades this year than any other year.”

Sarah Grace Selby agreed, saying that her grades this year are better than any other years.

Chloe Park said she found this year more manageable than last year. “The classes were hard, and all of the regular classes felt as if they were at the honors level,” said Chloe. “I honestly thought Junior year was pretty easy, though.”

Although she found it easy, Chloe worked very hard. “I made it easy for myself,” she said.

Charlie Higgins had the same idea, saying, “It is a lot of work, but as long as you stay on top of it, it’s not that bad.”

“Overall, Junior year was pretty good,” said Megan McGean. “I had a great year.”

“It was a super fun year but it was really challenging,” said Shelby. “It was a good balance between the two, and I also learned a lot about myself.”

So we are finally done... right?

Nope. To consider ourselves seniors, we are required to go on JOE, Junior Outdoor Expedition, the week after school gets out.

For those who are unaware, JOE is a five-day trip into the Pisgah Forest near Brevard, North Carolina. The Junior class is split up into groups and we venture into the wilderness.

And the best part? It’s supposed to thunderstorm for the first three days. But who knows, if AmStud isn’t as hard as many of us thought it would be, maybe JOE won’t be either.

Happy sen19r year, almost.

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