Fortnite Drops In
Posted 05/03/2018 02:29PM

by John Srouji / Lion Staff


A new game is parachuting its way into the hearts of gamers everywhere, mine included. It combines all of the fun of crafting virtual creations with firing digital weapons. That’s right: I’m talking about Fortnite. I’ve found Fortnite to be like a good book or a bag of chips. Once you start playing, it can be hard to stop, and I’m not the only one who’s hooked.

For those of you who don’t know how Fortnite works, basically, there are 100 players in a game, including you. The 100 players are dropped onto a large island in a location of their choice where they can find resources, supplies, and weapons that, if used correctly, can help them progress in the game. As the minutes fly by, the map shrinks, and players are squeezed into a smaller space. Their main objective is to be the last one standing.

There are 3 main modes in the game: Solo (100 players playing individually), Duos (50 teams of two), and Squads (25 teams of four). Sometimes there’s a new mode that stays around for a couple of days and then sadly vanishes.

At the moment, you can play the game on Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, PC, or an extremely laggy and irritating mobile version of the game.

So what makes this game stand out more than any other video game?

Freshman Josh Robinson says that it's the way that the game incorporates building into a typical shooting game. “Most of my friends don’t focus on the building aspect of the game, but I’m really good at it, so it’s more fun for me,” Josh says.

Junior Wesley Graham likes the game because “it's something fun to do over the weekend if I don’t have any plans and I think the best part of it is winning because it makes you feel really good.”

Jay Joshi (9th) enjoys the “mix between problem-solving and fun building and shooting. You have to be able to think and be able to execute the plan you have in mind.”

For Max Hobbs (9th), it’s “the feeling of superiority I get after I win.” Max has been playing Fortnite for 3 weeks now and according to him he already has 7 squad wins, 7 duos wins, and 5 solo wins. He says that when he wins, it makes him feel really good, and it makes him even more addicted to the game.  And it’s true. The feeling of beating 99 other players and being the last one standing is amazing.

Every time you win in Fortnite, you get this thrilling rush of pride, adrenaline, and most importantly, dopamine. So each time a person wins in Fortnite, they are more likely to continue playing to keep on feeling good.

Fortnite’s fourth season just began yesterday and it has already added a ton of new things including new skins, new emotes, two new locations, and all sorts of things to the map.

Another thing that makes Fortnite so addicting is the strategy that goes into it. There are currently 20 named locations on the Fortnite map, including a recently blown up Dusty Depot (now known as Dusty Devot). A big part of the game is determining where to drop first, and just about everyone has a different view on which location is best to drop.

For Max he either drops in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills. “In squads I usually drop Salty [springs] because I drop in the blue house with my friend, and we can easily kill off other squads. For solos I drop Haunted Hills because the loot is really good, and I usually get full shield, a sniper, and a green assault rifle,” Max said.

Another Fortnite player, Jack Gallagher (9th) says, “I usually drop either Dusty [Depot] or Pleasant [Park] because in Dusty there's no fights. In Dusty it's all like shoot to win, and you can't build your way out of it. Pleasant is a competitive place to drop with pretty good loot.”

Wesley Graham drops in an unnamed location directly south of Shifty Shafts around one of the mountains.

To give a sense of the game, Max described to me his best game of Fortnite. He was playing as a squad with a few of his neighbors. They thought he was the worst player in the group, but in this particular game, he outlived both his neighbors and their negative comments. He had racked up nine kills by the time a hundred players had dropped to only three. His neighbors promised him some “clout” if he manages to win the game.

Out of the corner of his eye, Max spotted the one of the other players: a John Wick. He built stairs up to Max’s base, and our hero tumbled from an almost deadly height. The Wick lined up for a shot, but before he could shoot, Max tacked him in the head.

Now there was only one person left, and Max had 10 kills. He turned left and there he was, the last player, a default skin hopelessly trying to shoot him, but Max reigned supreme and shot him in the head with fatal aim. Max won the game.

“I flip out,” Max said, remembering the excitement of the moment. “All my bois doubted me, and yet I clutch the dub. At this point I'm going crazy jumping around my house like I'm in a shotgun fight, I fall and hit my head, but I don't care. I just took my first solo squad dub.”

These moments of glory are what keep players coming back again and again. And with the new season just starting, I think it's safe to say that Fortnite isn’t going anywhere.

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