Making Themselves Up
Posted 05/02/2018 03:24PM

by Camille Summers


Most girls spend A LOT of money on makeup. The real questions are, is it just for the brand, why do girls apply the makeup, and what are the effects of makeup on society?

Personally, Sephora is one of my favorite stores. I love makeup, even if I may not be able to do it really well. I enjoy the aesthetics of all the lipstick colors, trying all the highlighters, and just judging which packaging is the best.

I actually went to Sephora yesterday. I didn’t need anything, but somehow I walked out of the store with a new mascara, a translucent powder, and a new eyeshadow palette.

Shopping wise, Sephora and Target are equal to me (I walk in looking for one thing, but come out with 20).

However, Sephora’s and Target’s makeup are completely different... or so we think.

If you really think about it, couldn’t you find that $20 lipstick in a pretty similar shade for half the price at a drugstore?

Today, the brand matters a ton, even if it is more expensive! I think sometimes girls forget that makeup is sold in places besides Sephora or MAC (I know I do). I have to remind myself that I can get a great blush or eyelash curler at Target. Although it might not be an extravagant brand, it works just as well and sometimes even better!

Girls should stop wasting so much money on the high-end makeup that you could easily find at a drugstore. Yes, SOME of the high-end products are better for your skin, so just buy those. Buy the to-go eyeshadow palettes and lip colors and makeup brushes at Target. Trust me, you’ll save way more money than you think.

However, there are also advantages to buying that high-end makeup. In my opinion, I trust the high-end products more; I know people wouldn’t rave about it if it made them break out. I believe it was made with better products that, in the end, will help my skin.

Another benefit to Sephora is that I can ask the salespeople what they recommend. I know that in order to work at Sephora you must know popular and quality products, so I trust the employees.

And finally, with those high-end products, you get to show them off. I know it sounds vain, but it's true. You get to rave about that gorgeous new palette you just bought.

However, sometimes, it's not even the brand that matters, but who is modeling it. If Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, etc. weren’t wearing the makeup, would it make it less tempting to buy? Would there be less of a drive to wear makeup?

Society places pressure on girls to appear as this unhealthy form of beauty embodied by these celebrities.

Most models are underweight, photoshop is used, and makeup and patterns are used as illusions to make them look even skinnier.

According to BBC News, France has recently banned underweight models. By law, each model is required to have a doctor’s note declaring that they obtain a healthy weight. Furthermore, digitally changed photos are illegal unless there is a label saying the photo has been altered.

France, along with Italy, Spain and Israel, have done this to fight anorexia and other eating disorders to prove that you do not need to wear makeup and be skinny to be beautiful, a common misconception.

“I feel like society has an impact on how much (I wear) and what I wear,” said Nava Little about the makeup.

If our view of beauty didn’t derive from these models, the expectations would be lower. You wouldn’t have to wake up earlier. You would be able to study or finish that last minute homework in the car. Of course, there would be less stress to impress.

When asking Nava Little if the time and money could be spent on something other than makeup, she responded “Heck yea! (Spend it on) clothes, and I could be more social instead of worrying about my makeup.”

When I asked Dagny Peters about the positives and negatives of the social pressures of makeup, Dagny Peters said, “I think the positives are that people can do all these different looks and stand out and be unique. Negatively, it’s sad that girls feel like they have to do it because they don’t.”

Nava Little also said, “(For the) Positives, you look good, but this causes expectations to look good (constantly) which is negative.”

Another worry girls have is keeping up with the changes. “I think makeup changes over the times,” said Dagny Peters. “Sometimes the ‘thing’ is to wear a lot of makeup or bright colors, and sometimes it’s more natural. I feel like right now it’s more in the effortless area, but that could change in the next couple weeks.”

Nava also talked about the changes over time. “I think there is more of an expectation to wear makeup,” she said. “There is also more of a variety.”

Reece Capers jumped in agreeing, “You can literally wear glitter on your face! It’s crazy!”

Of course, there can be some concern about makeup brands we are using being tested on animals.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Estee Lauder, Clinique, NARS, Bobbi Brown, and Benefit are just a few of makeup brands that continue to test their products on animals.

Buying these products, found in high-end stores like Sephora, allows these brands to continue to test on animals.

Society deeply affects the way girls look at themselves, forcing them to wear makeup, and to feel overweight. AND these manufactures test on animals. Without makeup, girls would get a bit more beauty sleep and feel a little less pressure.

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