In Spite of Uniforms, Lovett Students Express Themselves
Posted 05/02/2018 03:18PM

Five out of seven days of the week we wake up and put our uniforms on; it’s the same clothes pretty much everyday.

The navy blue polo with the grey or plaid skirt, or khaki pants, and the occasional Chapel blouse or Chapel shirt and tie.

No non-Lovett outerwear, no sweatpants, no unnatural colors in hair, no non-Lovett belts. As you can tell, the ways to physically express yourself are very limited.

Although it may not seem like it, girls have more ways to represent their personalities than boys do: makeup, jewelry, hairstyles, nails, and surprisingly, socks.  

Around school, I’ve noticed the most popular way for girls to branch out is jewelry. Almost every girl has at least a cool choker, bright earrings, various rings, and/or bracelets.

“I got a double piercing because I wear uniforms. It adds a little something,” one girl I spoke with says.

Regarding necklaces, I think it’s safe to say that almost every girl has a choker (yes, the trend came back). I think the reason why they are so popular is because you can see the necklace above your polo collar.

Chokers wrap around your neck tightly; they don’t hang down like a normal necklace (hence the name), so it’s easier to see them above the collar. Along with the choker being higher up, girls wear simple and natural colored bands, so the pendant pops out. Most choker bands are neutral colors, and the pendant is big and/or colorful.

The chokers are an easy and subtle way to accessorize your uniform.

Along with chokers, I think rings are the next, most common piece of jewelry. Again, they are subtle, but they can be styled in so many different ways.

First, there are so many different types of rings that you don’t have to worry about someone having the same one as you. The ring design, the pendant, the colors all vary. I’ve never seen two people unintentionally have the same rings.

Second, you can stack and mix-and-match them. You can have 4 on one hand and then 3 on the other. It’s such a cool and unique accessory; honestly, my favorite.

Makeup and nails are also a huge way that girls express themselves (and it’s a great thing to compliment).

Sometimes, I see the most extravagant nails. Those nails seem like they took 4 hours to paint and design, but I also see nails that are one color. However, those single-colored nails can add a lot to an outfit.

Makeup has become a huge hobby for some girls. There are so many different eye shadow combinations and highlight colors to create whatever look you want. Makeup has really grown over the past five years, and it changes all the time.

However, girls can use makeup to express their emotions. In my perspective, typically, if there’s a lot of makeup and that winged eyeliner is on point, then the girl is feeling confident and energetic; if there is no makeup, the girl would most likely be tired. There is so much to learn and so much you can do!

Hairstyles have also become a really great addition to your outfit. Although we aren’t allowed to dye our hair, girls can braid, curl, straighten, blow-dry, etc. our hair. There are so many different styles, however, with hairstyles, it is much more common for girls to create the same ones.

Sydney Wade says, “Hairstyles are my favorite thing to accessorize with. I can do pretty much anything.”

Laurel Blaske wears flower crowns almost everyday at school. She found her inspiration for these unique headpieces from Tumblr. “I had a living realization that I am the living and body form of Tumblr so why not just embrace the aesthetic,” she says.

Finally, girls at Lovett accessorize with funky socks. It’s actually kind of unique, but really cool at the same time. Laurel Blaske talks about her “collection of fun-patterned socks. I wear them mismatched because I’m that extra, but I try to incorporate some form of color coordination.”

I’ve seen some of the craziest socks (even when it’s not “Crazy Sock Day”). I’ve seen pumpkins, tacos, sharks, candy, pandas, etc. on socks. Socks are such a unique way to add a little something to your clothing.

As a girl pants-wearer, Laurel is the only high-schooler who wears them. “It is kind of interesting because I don’t have rules like do I tuck in the shirt, do I not, or do I wear a belt and do I not,” she says. “So I do my own thing. And I don’t have to worry about walking up stairs while holding my skirt down.”

It’s actually a little easier for girls to express themselves than it is for boys. Girls have so many more options (and a better sense of style).

The Lovett boys also use specific items to express themselves since they have to wear the uniform as well.

First, SHOES! Oh my gosh… there are some guys that show up to school with a different pair of shoes every week. Some actually have more shoes than I do. It’s crazy, but I feel like that is the major style.

Some guys have basic, black or grey Nike shoes that their mom got at Target. But there are other guys who wear bright blue and gold Air Jordans.

There are so many different types of shoes you can wear. Not only are there several brands, but such a grand variety of styles. You can even customize your own shoes! Shoes are the biggest and most popular way that guys express themselves.

“Shoes are also a way that I express myself. It stands out the most with your uniform,” a student says.

Second, outerwear. At Lovett, we cannot wear outerwear that does not support Lovett (that doesn’t have a Lovett logo). However, guys wear the Lovett outerwear to show which sport they are a part of. They express their interests through the team jackets.

Through the many different types of ways to express your personalities for girls, and the very few types for boys, we have found a way to show our interests. Although we cannot wear our choice of clothing, we have established different styles. It’s so cool how creative Lovett students have become with accessories, shoes, jackets, makeup, and of course, socks!

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