Flying Your Food Freak Flag
Posted 05/01/2018 05:28PM

by Meme Greene/Lion Staff


So I heard that a boy in my grade puts mayo on his Jamwiches. I asked him if it was true, and he said, “No!!! Who told you that? My friend keeps telling people that I do that, but I DON’T.”

It turns out that it was just a rumour started to mess with him. He made that pretty clear. But it got me wondering about weird food combinations Lovett folk come up with in the cafeteria and cafe.

Even though the doesn’t-put-mayo-on-his-jamwiches guy wouldn’t fess up to his stomach churning combo, I found a few people who were willing to share their secrets.

Most people’s hacks are relating to condiments, such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and hot sauce.

Izzy Johnson loves hot sauce. “I put it on everything,” she told me. “My favorites are hot sauce in soup, on pizza, and on spinach.”

Other hot sauce lovers might enjoy this combination, created by Leo Gray and Cooper Griggs: “Rice, hot sauce, and ranch dressing.”

Leo also created a new fruit juice: “When there was cranberry and apple juice, a mix of them was really good. It's called crapple juice.”

Not sure they’re going to be able to market it with that name.

Leo continued to call me a “NERD,” in all caps, but I guess that is what I get for sending out an all-school email.

Cole Pisowicz also follows the hot sauce trend, putting hot sauce, spinach, and cheese on his beef soft tacos.

There are also quite a few ketchup lovers in our presence: Jordan Knotts loves eating bacon with a side of ketchup.

Charlotte Pollard puts ketchup on her fried ravioli. Although this may sound odd, fried ravioli are served with tomato sauce, which, technically, is just a fancier version of ketchup.

Following the trend of adding condiments to their fried ravioli, Virginia French puts ranch on hers.Tripp Hammond also digs the ranch, putting it on his hot dogs.

This next weird food combination might surprise you. Hold onto your hats. Mr. Rau often enjoys a salad in the dining hall, as one commonly does. As opposed to salad dressing, Mr. Rau enjoys mustard on his salad. That’s one I’d never heard before.

Another quite unexpected combination is from Chloe Beaver: honey mustard and cucumbers.

Adding tons of condiments seem to make people pretty happy, but Mr. Morris (NoMo) loves toppings: “Customize anything by loading up on toppings from the salad bar or other offerings. Hot dogs? Add slaw, jalapenos, cheese, onion, bacon, chili, etc. The more toppings the more variety!”

Although these crazy food hacks happen in the dining hall, I also asked people if they had any food hacks from the Lion’s Den Café, such as putting a Heath Bar in your F’real milkshake or eating the café’s homemade chicken salad or turning your hot cheetos bag into a bowl.

If you are a chocolate lover, you’ll love this combination from Henry Sharp: “Put a Reese’s and a Twix on top of each other, and enjoy!”

Continuing with the interest of chocolate lovers, the Café sells packets of Nutella. Bella Chopra buys a pack of pretzels and a packet of Nutella then dips the pretzels in Nutella. She describes it as, “10/10.” Carter Kreimer is another Nutella lover, putting it on her Goldfish.

There is something tasty about mixing salty and sweet.

Neil Patkar also loves chocolate, as he drinks Core Power chocolate milk with a warm, Lovett sugar cookie on Warm Cookie Wednesdays. Following the cookie trend, McKenzie Selig says that a “warm cookie dipped in a F’real milkshake” is the way to go.

All of these combinations sound awesome, but the most intricate combination I heard was from Tepolak Seth: “Ask for avocado toast and buy the hummus dip, spread the hummus on the toast and top it off with avocado,” she said. “Rice crackers with avocado is really good too, and sushi with spicy mayo sauce.”

And then there are the hacks that are less about the food and more about how you get it,

During the last week of the month, countless students receive the dreaded, “You don’t have any money left,” response from the cashier. Not only is it embarrassing when you have to walk back through the line and put your food back, but worse is when there are hungry people behind you.

According to Jordan Knotts, her solution to this problem is to “go to the campus store and buy a gift card to the cafe.” Apparently, if your account runs out of money in the Café, the same thing does not apply for the campus shop.

Hopefully these combinations spark your imagination or give you an idea of something new to try at lunch today. Like maybe some ranch dressing on your chocolate chip cookie!

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