ACL Buddies

Keya Nijhawan

“I like having someone else to do my exercises with,” said Mary Parrish.

On a recent Wednesday, our Girls Varsity Soccer team walked all over Pace for the second time this year, but this time it was for a State Championship. 

Sadly, when they beat Pace this time, they had to do it without Mary Parrish Green, Ridley Newton, and Natalie Marshall, who all tore their ACLs within a month of each other. All three of these girls were starters on the Girls Varsity Soccer team. So based on my (un)professional opinion, there is something in Lovett’s water. 

So what happens when you tear your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). First, you are screaming on the ground, then a trainer comes and tests to see if they can feel your ACL, which puts you in more pain. Then you get carried off the field and a trainer wraps ice around your leg. Meanwhile, your parents are frantically trying to figure out who's the best doctor to go to and what to do. Both Mary Parrish Green and Ridley Newton went to Dr. X, who is also the doctor for the Hawks and Braves. 

Senior Natalie Marshall and Freshmen Ridley Newton got surgery on the same day, March 22nd. Mary Parrish Green soon followed in their crutch marks getting surgery on April 26th. So it is safe to say that the Lovett trainers have their hands full with all these exploded ACLs. 

As most know the ACL recovery path is a long one. Not many know how this recovery feels, so it is nice for them to have each other on their road to recovery. “I like having someone else to do my exercises with,” said Mary Parrish. As soon as you walk into the training room it is likely that you will catch these three doing their exercises together, and maybe a few people taking naps on the tables. 

All of these girls are in the trainer every day working to get back to “normal.” Whether it is doing straight leg raises or squats on a Bosu ball, they are always doing something. “It is nice to see the progress that I have made since day one,” said Ridley Newton. I remember seeing Ridley the day after her surgery, and all I could think about was how much she needed to take a shower (sorry Ridley).

The first day after surgery is go time. It is when you start to try and activate your quad muscle because it is “dead,” as Ridley would say. This is most definitely one of the most painful things ever, as I know from my own personal experience. But these girls are strong as I have told them over and over again, and they are getting through this like champs. 

Ridley’s quad muscle was very stubborn at the beginning and she had to use STEM to get her quad to activate. STEM sends electric shocks to your muscle which helps it to activate. Sadly this is pretty painful, but on the bright side the trainer Sean was there to cheer her up. “I do not care,” she said he told her (he wears a shirt with that message), but we still love him. 

Even with a long road ahead, these girls are pushing each other to their limits, and have created an unbreakable bond. “I love my ACL buddies,” said Ridley.
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