Golf Team Shoots For The Top

Taylor Johnson

“It takes a long time and you have to be committed to every shot.”

The Lovett Boys Varsity Golf team had its first tournament on March 15. They have played in 4 tournaments and came in the top 3 of all of them. The boy's team consists of two seniors, five juniors, four sophomores, and four freshmen. Coach Greer, who is also the defensive coordinator for football, has been coaching golf for three years at Lovett. “The season is going great so far,” he says. 

Coach Greer had two-star athletes to shout out, Brady Rackley and Zidan Ajani. He said that these two players “carry the whole team.” I had an opportunity to talk to these two star players and hear their thoughts on the season so far. 

Junior Zidan Ajani has been playing golf since he was 3 years old. He used to play soccer but he can’t play anymore because it is in the same season as golf. He did not get to have a freshman season due to Covid, so last year was his first full year. It was an amazing first year for him because the team won the state championship last season. 

He said this season has been “tough” because the team lost 6 seniors last year, so “we had to rebuild our team.”  Although this has been an obstacle for the team he said the season has been going “pretty good.”

Zidan plans to play golf in college. He is already talking to coaches across the country about a possible spot on their team. He said golf is where he learned how to have patience because “it takes a long time and you have to be committed to every shot.”

Senior Bradey Rackley has been playing golf since he was 12 years old. He was playing baseball and football up until he discovered golf. 

While he said the season has been going well so far, he is frustrated that they have come in second a lot which “stinks, but we are coming close to first.”

Brady is going to continue his golf career next year at Georgia Tech. He describes golf as being “an enjoyable break for a couple of hours.” 

Coach Greer has been coaching golf at Lovett since 2019. Ironically, in high school, he played about every sport but golf. Basketball, baseball, football, and track. He didn’t start playing a lot of golf until college. These days he plays golf “every chance he gets.”

I asked Coach Greer, Zidan, and Bradey what it feels like to play a sport that 90-year-olds can also play.  This question did seem a little harsh, but I got some very thoughtful answers from the three. 

Bradey said, “it's pretty cool.” He plays with his grandfather and says, “the handicap system still allows you to be competitive against people of all ages and skill levels.” 

Coach Greer said, “I think that is the beauty of golf.” It's a lifelong sport and unfortunately for football and baseball, those sports eventually end. Golf is something you can continue playing throughout your life. 

“That is one thing I like about golf,” Zidan agreed. “Anyone can play no matter your age.” Since he started at age three, he should be able to pack in a lot of rounds over a lifetime.
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