Lily Purcelli Enjoys the Freedom of Art

Beza Kifle

“I just like to do it for fun. It’s a way to release stress."

Imagine having near-total freedom to explore in your classes. In Honors Art, artists don’t have to imagine because they are able to do pretty much “whatever they want,” according to senior Lily Puricelli says. “That’s one of my favorite things about the class, and the fact that we also don’t have to use a specific type of media,” she added.

Lily has been doing art for most of her life. “I did art all throughout lower school. At Lovett, I started it in 7th grade,” Lily told me. She took Foundations of Art in 8th grade, so she was able to choose whatever visual arts courses she wanted in Upper School. During quarantine, which was during 10th grade for her, she told me that she started being more focused on it. “I just like to do it for fun. It’s a way to release stress,” Lily said.

Lily said that she has taken printmaking, drawing, painting, and ceramics. I, of course, asked her for her opinions on the classes.“My favorite was definitely painting because I feel like with drawing, you don’t get to use colors much. It’s just harder for me in general. And with ceramics, I’m just not very good at it,” she told me. Lily showed me some of her pieces, and she said that the colors made them some of her favorites.

When I asked Lily about what she did last semester in the class, she told me that she’s only in Honors Art for this semester.“ Last semester, she was in printmaking. This semester, Lily is focusing on family portraiture and portraiture in general. “I’m looking at how it exposes social values of different time periods,” she explained.

Specifically, Lily has done a piece of a “nuclear family” of the 70’s, and she made it look like a 70’s album cover. She told that she was going to do a piece that shows the power of men in business in the 70’s.

As someone who isn’t very good at art, I asked Lily where she gets her inspiration from. “I look at Pinterest a lot,” she told me, “but I also just do whatever I want.” 

The joys of freedom.
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