A Thank You, A Good Luck, And A Reflection. 

Camille Summers

Be creative. Write about whatever you feel. And don’t forget to take those pictures...horizontally. 

I’ve been patiently waiting for this day in the Newspaper classroom where I would get to write my final letter. A reflection on the past 4 years. 

I distinctly remember my good friend Kaitlyn Garrett writing her final letter when she left and wanted to do the same as a thank you, a good luck, and a reflection. 

When I say that I’ve learned more life skills in this class than any other, I 100% mean it. I learned how to interview random people (a struggle I had my freshman year), write well-written articles, and discover how to be creative in deciding what to write about and then just going with it. My writing flourished through the years and though some articles were incomplete (sorry about that Mr. Abraham’s history simulations article Mr. Newman), I finished quite the folder of interviews, op-eds, and comedic pieces about my life and the Lovett School. 

Besides the academic, life-learning side of Newspaper, the class became an area to talk, rant, make funny jokes or sing if you were Mr. Newman. Every day, someone would come in with a new story to talk about and try to receive feedback on, which only made us grow as a class. We met the new freshmen and saw the seniors leave. It was crazy to think that I would actually be one of them. I think that the class has seen or heard me actually become progressively louder throughout the years.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Newman for all that he’s done for the Newspaper team over the years. He’s made it enjoyable, but always kept us on target after probably one too many Café trips. Mr. Newman became one of my greatest mentors throughout my high school career and helped me to figure out classes, send out school-wide surveys, and, very occasionally, make smoothies. 

To continue, good luck to the rising freshmen and upcoming seniors. Newspaper is such a fun class and those quarters make the year go by faster than anything else. Get your articles done on time, but Mr. Newman is a reasonable man so just explain whatever you have going on in your life. The seniors are not scary; we are just terrible at checking our emails. We will gladly do an interview, even if we don’t seem like it. But, yes. Write your articles. Be creative. Write about whatever you feel. And don’t forget to take those pictures...horizontally. 

I knew I would try to keep this letter short and sweet. I wanted to write one page on what I’ve learned in the Newspaper classroom. I’ve loved it each year, even if I had to spend a Saturday morning finishing up an article. Please take this class. You will learn so much. Good luck to you freshman and thank you again Mr. Newman. Keep writing, (On)Lions! 

Camille Summers
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