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Veronika Valia

“It’s just always been part of my family dynamic,” she says.

It’s not the most common sport for a high school student to play. Usually reserved for older men at country clubs or the privileged elite, golf is something different, a sport that stands apart from the rest.  Instead of an action packed game, it’s more relaxed (at least it seems that way when you’re watching it) which is one of the many things that makes it unique. 

But what else makes it so unique? What are the perks of playing it? What makes it fun? How much experience do you really have to have to play golf at Lovett? These are some of the questions I strived to answer, and debunk the mysterious sport that is golf at Lovett.

Not many people talk about golf at Lovett, and excited conversation in the hallway is usually focused on football or lacrosse, some of Lovett’s premier sports. However, many people, instead of an action-packed sport, opt for a more relaxing outlet. You don’t necessarily need a release or decompression in the form of aggression, but instead just the calming feeling that comes from playing golf. 

When I asked Jacqueline Draughon, a junior, why she chose to play golf, she explains that ”it's a nice relaxed sport and you can meet a lot of people,” she says with a smile. Meeting people is one of the huge perks of golf, as as you move at a relaxed pace to each hole, you are able to chat with others around you, and get to know your team. Junior Blair Maner had a similar perspective. “Golf allows you to expand your friendships beyond just your grade, and meet lots of new people," she says. ”That’s one thing most sports at Lovett have in common. They allow you to transcend grade barriers and make new friends that you may not have made otherwise if they weren’t in your class or in your friend group."

But why do people start to play golf? Isn’t it expensive to start? How young can you really begin to play the game? When asked what made her choose to play golf, Jacqueline says that her dad plays and she thought it would be fun to play as well. Blair has been playing since she was young with her family. “It’s just always been part of my family dynamic,” she says. Junior Brady Rackley agrees. “If you grow up around it, usually if your dad plays, it just becomes second nature,” he says. 

How many years of experience does it take to actually get good at golf? How long have the players for Lovett’s team been playing? “For Lovett, I’ve been on the golf team for years,” says Jacqueline. Blair and Brady have been on for a similar amount of time. Although they tend to start early, they don’t usually start to play at Lovett until 8th grade or freshman year as that’s when most of their peers start playing. “It’s a lot more fun when you have people to do it with,” says Brady. 

How many people are on the team? According to Jacqueline, “There are 12 players on the team but that may be including 8th graders,” she says. Out of that small group, “there are many people in different grades and the group is very diverse and that’s what I love about it,” Blair says.

When asked what’s new for the golf team Jacqueline explains that she thinks “we have a tournament coming up next week and each tournament is kind of different.” Good luck to the Lions!
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