Lovett Artists On Display at (Virtual) High Museum

Katie Maier

“I know the show is different this year,” Lily says, “but it still feels the same for the people that have been chosen.”

“It’s an interesting and cool way for our school to be shown in the City of Atlanta,” says senior Honors Art student Sophie Courts about Lovett's virtual exhibition at the High Museum of Art. 

Since 2010, Lovett has been an affiliate of the High Museum, and their annual student art show has become a beloved tradition for students, teachers, and families alike. 

“The teachers select the works that are the best example of our art program,” explains Lovett Visual Arts Director Amy Story. “It’s an honor to be in the show, but it's also a good representation of what we do at Lovett.”

This year, visual arts classes at Lovett have looked a little different, and the High Museum has looked a little different as well. With the museum’s new safety protocols and lowered capacity, the usual student ceremony and in-person exhibit weren’t possible this year–but the show goes on, in a digital way. 

The High Museum is currently featuring over seventy pieces of artwork by Lovett students on their official website–where they will stay for an entire year. Although this means that students and families won’t be able to enjoy an in-person show, it also means that it is easier than ever for people to access the gallery. 

“It feels good to have your work recognized alongside so many other great pieces,” says freshman Joshua Stewart, whose self-portrait from Drawing I, entitled “Laughter,” is currently on virtual display. 

The piece is part of his series of four works exploring the concept of happiness. In this work, he chose to use complimentary colors yellow and purple to create vivid contrast. The honor of being selected for the exhibition has motivated him to keep working alongside his art teachers to, as he puts it,  “learn what art is.”

Junior Lily Puricelli was also honored for her to be chosen for this Lovett tradition. The clay “Cake Plate” she created last fall in ceramics class was one of her first experiments with the new medium. She loves the fact that making ceramics allowed her to be more hands-on with her artwork than she could be while drawing or painting. 

Sophie’s artwork is part of a series of three acrylic paintings studying vintage versus classic styles. Although she had worked with paint before, she found that her painting skills progressed immensely between her first piece of the semester and the piece that is now featured in the show, and she is now working on a mixed media series in her Honors Art class. 

Even for students who have been featured in the High Museum student show before, it is still an honor to be selected for the annual event. Whether the show is in the museum or on the web, it’s always a really cool experience for everyone who has created the artwork, and anyone who gets to see it. 

“I know the show is different this year,” Lily says, “but it still feels the same for the people that have been chosen.”

You can see Sophie’s, Lily’s, and Joshua’s (and my) artwork by visiting the website below. 

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