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Happy Movies For The Homebound

Camille Summers

It might make you miss school a bit, then again Ferris isn’t in school either (only difference is his day off is by choice). 

It’s been hard to stay somewhat sane during the quarantine. The cabin fever is slowly creeping in, but just in case you want some sort of way to just smile and laugh at a screen, I have compiled a small list of some really happy movies, with a brief explanation of the plot, and how effective it was at putting me in a good mood. I hope that some of these movies bring some joy during this odd season and show how to make the best of a weird situation. 

As for the rating system, if you’ve read any of my other movie review articles, then you know I tend to rate the movie 1 out of 5 stars. However, due to the situation, stars don’t seem worthy enough. I changed it to 1 to 5 hand sanitizer bottles, which is a priceless supply. I hope that the new system goes to show how good these movies are at purifying the world 

1. Singin’ in the Rain - 4 hand sanitizer bottles 

Singin’ in the Rain. It was a movie of pure joy. It was one of the few musicals where I didn’t skip through the songs; I actually rewound to rewatch the songs. It was just romance, comedy, and entertainment all in one movie. “Singin in the Rain” in and of itself is exactly what we’re all trying to do (a little kudos to Rev. Allen’s sermon). It’s definitely become one of my favorite movies, and I plan on rewatching it later in this break. The movie is about a big movie star who is forced to work with this other, annoying movie star, but he meets this nobody person who turns into the love of his life. It’s beautiful, and the sidekick is the glue to the whole plot. I recommend this movie if you’re sick of being inside a gloomy room and want something to brighten the day. It also works as a movie that you don’t have to pay 100% of attention to. You can still follow the plot and be on your phone (a necessity for most of us GenZers). This movie is so family-friendly, and I know that everyone in the family would enjoy it. Just remember to sing in the rain. 

2. Mamma Mia - 5 hand sanitizer bottles  

A timeless film. By far one of my all-time favorites. It’s got that wonderful music by ABBA and a solid plot. It’s such a good family movie, and I know that everyone (even the parents) can sing along and dance. I definitely recommend watching this movie, especially during the coronacation. It really relieves some of the stress and is a much more modern happy movie. The story is of a young girl who is trying to figure out which of three men could potentially be her father. She invites them down to her small village in Greece, and the chaos of a story goes from there. I recommend this movie if you like songs in your movies. But if not, then check out one of my other recommendations. Mamma Mia is definitely one I would consider watching. 

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - 4 hand sanitizer bottles

If you’re not wanting to watch a musical (and you haven’t seen it yet, or forgotten about the movie), I would recommend Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s a hilarious movie that depicts the actions of a rebellious teenager who skips school and gets into a bit of a tussle with his principal. It’s definitely a great one for the quarantine. It might make you miss school a bit, then again Ferris isn’t in school either (only difference is his day off is by choice). The classic “running through the yard” and “Twist and Shout” at the parade scenes are my all-time favorites, and sometimes I’ll watch the movie just to watch them. To compare the movie to our lives, Cameron, Ferris’s best friend, uses the joy and rambunctiousness of Ferris to pull him out of his depression. I would recommend this movie for any family who wants to watch a movie that EVERYONE will enjoy; I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love this movie. So go find a Ferris to keep quarantine somewhat exciting...but don’t forget to stay at least six feet apart. 

4. Big - 4 hand sanitizer bottles.

This movie was so cute. I had never seen it before this quarantine, and honestly, I loved it. If I had to categorize it, it reminded me of Thirteen Going on Thirty, but with less drama and more fun. Josh Baskin really seemed like a twelve-year-old in a thirty-year-old. He goes on many journeys and reunites with many people to find his way back home. I know I can say that I’ve gone back to a couple of childhood activities and become a little creative with some. Can’t say that I’ve put a trampoline in the house, but now, it’s crossed my mind. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I recommend it to any family. It’s such a good movie starring Tom Hanks, that, I might add, made me laugh countlessly. And hey, maybe someone could try to find a Zoltan machine and wish this pandemic away.
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