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For Twins, It's Not All About Switching Classes and Trapping Parents

Campbell Key

They find it annoying when they get asked what it’s like looking at a clone. They also get asked if they think the same and again, the answer is no.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a twin? I mean The Parent Trap was my favorite movie as a kid, and even though I am a twin, my twin and I look nothing alike, so sadly, we could never really switch places, even though we really wanted to. So, I interviewed a couple of sets of twins, and even a set of triplets to see what other people had to say about life after sharing a womb.

The first set of twins I interviewed were seniors, Penny and Palmer King, and in their opinion, being a twin is so much better than just being siblings. They said that you can be close to a sibling, but you’re not the same age. However, they do know twins that don’t get along. They also have the same friends, so that contributes to them being really close. 

They sadly could never switch classes with each other as they don’t look enough alike. Even though they don’t look too similar, people still mix them up. They think everyone knows the difference between them and it just happens on accident sometimes.

They also gave me some annoying questions people ask them, so if you are ever talking to them, don’t ask them this: Which one is older? They said it’s so annoying just because they have no idea. 

I next interviewed Sadie, Hunter, and Holt Burge, a set of triplets in eleventh grade. They said that being triplets is different than being siblings as they are all the same age so they experience everything at the same time. But they have no idea what being older or younger is like, because they don’t have any other siblings. 

They said that they have always wanted to switch classes, but they never looked enough alike to get away with it. They said that they definitely talked about it when they were younger, but always opted out. They also said that they had never been in a class with each other until this year. They think teachers always try to separate them so they don’t cheat, or because they want them to become their own person, but aren’t really sure. 

People still mix Sadie and Hunter up, including Holt, but he claimed it was just because he was tired. They also said that if you know one of their names but not the other, then people just call them by that name, which, in my opinion, must get old after a while. 

They said that they often get asked if they had telepathy in lower school, and eventually came up with a word they would always say when people asked that, and that actually worked in lower school and people thought they had telepathy. However, Holt did say his math teacher asked him this year, so I guess some people still believe in that, even when they are adults. 

Some annoying questions they often get asked besides “who was born first?” are “What’s it like being a triplet?” They don’t know how to answer because they’ve always been a triplet, so they don’t have much to compare it to! 

“Who’s the smartest?” and hopefully this one speaks for itself, I mean come on guys. Someone told me once that Stewart (my twin) was the smart twin, and I was just like, thanks, means a lot. 

“Who do you like more?” is another one that should hopefully speak for itself. Because, in their opinion, that’s like the golden rule, and you just can’t answer. Except for Holt, he said he started getting asked that so often he would just alternate names every time. 

Next, I interviewed Mary Collier Chidlress, a sophomore. Sadly, I couldn’t interview her twin brother, Preston, as he goes to Westminster. Mary Collier says she sometimes likes being a twin, especially on family trips as she always has someone to hang out with, but she said it can get annoying after a while.

She also said that sometimes people think they are dating especially when they go to dinner together, so that can definitely get awkward after a while. She also says a lot of people ask if they can feel each other’s pain, which just makes no sense. But, I guess you could get back at your twin by stubbing your toe or something, but you would still hurt yourself, so that’s just pointless. 

Finally, I interviewed Alec and Bennett Cauwenbergh, who are freshman identical twins. They said that they get called by the same name a lot, but they’ve stopped caring just because it happens so often. 

However, because they look so similar, they actually were able to switch classes in second grade, and only the kids found out. They said that that despite looking so similar, they aren’t that close to each other. 

They find it annoying when they get asked what it’s like looking at a clone. They also get asked if they think the same and again, the answer is no. 

Overall, being a twin (or triplet) is different for everyone, so, the next time someone tells you they are twins, please don’t ask if they have telepathy, but hey, maybe we all do and just aren’t telling anyone. You’ll never know… 
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