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"Frozen 2" Review: They Let It Go, Again

Katie Maier

Now I’m sixteen, and obsessing over Disney movies is not nearly as trendy as it used to be back in the days of ‘13.

When it comes to all things Frozen, I have yet to let it go. The original film came out when I was in fourth grade, and I was obsessed, along with the rest of the elementary school girls in America. Now I’m sixteen, and obsessing over Disney movies is not nearly as trendy as it used to be back in the days of ‘13. And yet, just the other day, I voluntarily went to the premiere of Frozen II on opening night, decked out in Frozen merchandise and thrilled to see the next chapter of the franchise. 

Frankly, I was a little bit scared to see the movie. After seeing the disaster of a sequel that was Finding Dory (which, if you haven’t watched it, please spare yourself the pain), I really questioned Disney’s ability to continue their beloved movies. I was worried that this next installment in the Frozen franchise would fall short of the original’s magic. However, I was pleasantly surprised…Frozen II is actually pretty good. 

The storyline was respectable, and I appreciated that it was very different from that of the first movie. I laughed hysterically several times throughout the film, to the point where I probably annoyed the strangers on my row. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of the new characters, but they really didn’t annoy me too much. Personally, I thought Kristoff and Olaf were unjustly pushed to the side in certain parts of the movie, but I also love both of them more than is probably healthy for the average human being. 

The music really lives up to the best selling soundtrack of the first film. The tunes are catchy and powerful, and they are interwoven into the story quite beautifully. Elsa’s new anthem, “Into the Unknown,” is extremely inspiring, to the point that I almost want to follow her into the enchanted forest of Norway myself. The one song I thought missed the mark was Olaf’s “When I am Older,” but I guess it is pretty hard to beat the absolute classic that was “In Summer.” 

As far as fashion goes, Anna and Elsa were always on point. Their hair was always styled perfectly, their dresses were always stunning, and Elsa even looks good in pants!

But in the end, although I am certainly a royal expert, this is only my opinion, and I am pretty biased. After all, being the future princess of Denmark, Anna and Elsa’s Norwegian kingdom is practically the neighbor of my own. So even if you’re not much into Disney movies and are just wondering if the new soundtrack will annoy you as much as “Let It Go,” maybe you should take the chance of stepping into the enchanted forests of Arandelle...you might find yourself enjoying your journey into the unknown. 
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