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Get Your Scare On

Camille Summers

Although Halloween season has, unfortunately, passed, I watched a few spooky movies and it’s never too late for a good scare!

Although Halloween season has, unfortunately, passed, I watched a few spooky movies and it’s never too late for a good scare!

If you recall, last year I watched and wrote reviews on 31 Halloween movies. One a day. I hate to say it, but unfortunately, junior year does not allow for the time to do that again. However, I will give you a list of 9 Halloween movies that were not listed in my last piece. Two Family-Friendly films, two Classic Horror Movies, and two Modern Thrillers.

Family-friendly films: 

1. Hotel Transylvania (Rent) - 3.5 Stars 

Hotel Transylvania features any creature you would relate to Halloween in one movie. The movie is about a group of monsters who go to Count Dracula’s hotel to celebrate his daughter’s 118th birthday. I really loved watching this movie with my family. It was really cute and a great way to get into the fall festivities. For an animated movie, the plot was pretty good, and there were a few good laughs. Besides it being a little long of a movie, I would recommend this movie to any family who wants to watch a Halloween movie without all the scares.

2. Casper (Starz)- 2.5 Stars

Casper the Friendly Ghost was released in 1995, and was about a ghost, Casper, who falls in love with a teenage girl who lives in the house he haunts. Although he is a friendly ghost, I think you can see how problems arise. It definitely wasn’t my favorite family-friendly movie, I felt it was one of the more classic stories. The plot wasn’t that exciting, but it relates to Halloween with no scares. I recommend this movie to a family who is just looking for something to watch for the Halloween festivities, but I would recommend one of my other family-friendly movies before Casper.


1. Carrie (Netflix)- 3 Stars 

Carrie is about a “weird” girl in school, who was constantly bullied. She discovers her ability of telekinesis and all hell breaks loose. This movie was really unsettling and uncomfortable. The actress who plays Carrie did such a good job, and although the ending was a little strange, I really enjoyed this movie. It was very 70’s, which you could tell with the outfits and objects. It wasn’t so much spooky and scary, but just uncomfortable. I recommend this movie if you want to watch something kind of Halloween-themed, but don’t want to deal with any jump scares. 

2. Silence of the Lambs (Rent)- 4.5 Stars
Silence of the Lambs is about an FBI investigator who is trying to catch the murderer known as “Buffalo Bill,” and she “consults” with a brilliant, incarcerated  serial killer to figure out how to catch “Buffalo Bill.” I really enjoyed this movie; it was one of my favorite thrillers that I’ve seen. Anthony Hopkins, who plays Hannibal, the imprisoned killer, did such a great job acting, and I loved seeing the plot progress. Although the movie can get kind of confusing, I would recommend this movie to people who want to sit down and really watch it. It’s a great, spooky movie for any time of the year. 

3. Poltergeist (Rent)- 4 Stars

Poltergeist is the story of a family whose house becomes the center of paranormal activity, which leads to one of the daughters, Carol Ann, going missing. This movie was definitely different than anything I had seen. The effects were really good for 1982, and there was no CGI back then. Obviously, at times it seemed fake, but I really enjoyed the horror and the development of the plot. Poltergeist is definitely in my top favorites now. I recommend this movie to anyone who can deal with some horror and jumpscares, but still wants to sleep at night. 


1. Us (Rent)- 4 Stars 

Us came out 2019 and was directed by Jordan Peele (the same person who directed Get Out). It’s a little hard to give a summary of the story, but at heart, it is a twist on doppelgangers and the unknown. I thought that the movie had some really good jump scares, and the acting was superb. I was really impressed with the acting and the plot. However, it was kind of predictable. I was able to predict the “plot-twist” ending, and the plot became kind of repetitive. I’d recommend this movie to other Thriller (no pun intended if you’ve seen it) fanatics; if you do watch it, I’d strongly recommend looking up some of the meanings behind it. It really brought the whole movie together. 

2. Insidious (Netflix) - 3 Stars

Insidious was filmed in 2010 and told the story about this family who moved into a new house and their son who becomes possessed by some evil force. There isn’t much else that I can say without spoiling the movie. The plot had a couple twists and turns, but the jumpscares were pretty predictable (I knew when to look away). The creativity was definitely there; however, I don’t think I’d watch Insidious 2. I’d look at my other reviewed movies before this one. 
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