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Water Polo Wins State

Campbell Key

“By the end we were all friends, always making jokes, having a good time and always winning together,” Pross said.

After three years of hard work, the water polo team won state, and sent four of the best players to go play at an all star game. 

Harper Finch, the only girl on the A team, said that she joined because she was already in swimming and didn’t have a fall sport, so she just wanted to try it out, and she didn’t regret it! She says that the best part is the people on the team. Everyone was new to the sport when she first joined, so it was interesting to see how everyone learned to play at the same time.

She really hopes more people will join next year (especially girls!) as so many seniors are graduating. (She hopes the fact that the caps aren’t very cute won’t stop anybody.)

Pross Watts, who went to the all star game, loves being on the team. “By the end we were all friends, always making jokes, having a good time and always winning together,” he said. He believes that everyone deserves to be on the all star team. 

Pross started the team with a group of other swimmers because they wanted to stay in shape during the off season, and, it just seemed like a fun sport to try out. Even though he doesn’t love the practices where they can’t use their arms to tread water, he loves being on the team and how it’s “a full team effort 100% of the time.” 

Another player, Stewart Hammond, says that it’s a good feeling winning state. From his perspective, the team has always been recognized as kind of a joke, but after three years and working really hard, they deserve the win and the recognition, and it makes Stewart feel more official. 

Finally, I talked to Mr. Morris, the team’s coach. He said that it was a “really incredible season from start to finish.” Starting this team actually wasn’t his idea, it was the swimmers, but he really loves coaching them. While swimming is an individual sport, water polo requires a team effort, and everyone on the team wanted to work with each other and make each other better. 

He knew they were going to be good this season, but he didn’t know they were going to be this good! He said that everyone on the team saw their potential and took it as far as they could and “overcame all their challenges”. 

Sadly though, this year the water polo team is graduating a lot of seniors, so if you are at all interested in playing, you should go and try out! Everyone on the team really loves the comradery that develops, so even if you aren’t the best swimmer, it could be a great experience.
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