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Maierrage Advice: Choosing The Guest List

Katie Maier

Being a royal, I know right away that many of the attendants of my wedding will be heads of state. 

With weddings, the ultimate goal is to share your happiness with those you care about the most, and to get as many place settings from your china pattern as possible. But who to include and who to cut? Your third cousin twice-removed? A definite no. Your tenth grade English teacher? Yes, assuming that they haven’t already gone to that great teacher’s lounge in the sky by the time of your engagement. Your parents? Yes, if they’re paying for it, or no if you can’t get over the time they wouldn’t let you go to Music Midtown. Clearly you can see that narrowing down that guest list can be quite tedious. 

Being a royal, I know right away that many of the attendants of my wedding will be heads of state. The bad news is that the married couple is expected to greet everyone in the reception line. The good news is, most of them will not speak English, so our conversations will be brief. Paying homage to my humble American roots, I will obviously be inviting the United States President to my service. Only I cannot yet write out the invitation because I don’t know who the president will be in 2030, or whether America will even exist after its most beloved citizen (a.k.a yours truly) moves abroad. 

If you are very nice to me throughout high school, you will have a decent chance of making it on my guest list. (I like warm cookies from the café, I don’t like it when you stand in front of my locker, and if you did better on the Honors Precalc test than me, I don’t want to hear about it). If not, you will be watching the livestream on your iPhone 22 along with the rest of the world. 

Considering this wedding of the century will not take place for another ten and a half years, I would recommend keeping yourself occupied in the meantime. There’s plenty of things to do in the city of Atlanta like ice skating, Main Event, and Skyzone. And while you’re debating what places to go, why not consider your own guest list? Perhaps the things that people of every age associate with high school is the impenetrable clique. It’s great when my group of friends invites me to attend any kind of event, but it can be pretty hurtful to sit next to someone each day in class who is in a different social clique knowing that they would never invite anyone out of their clique to their social events. Maybe we all need to reconsider why we are including or excluding people. The next time you plan an event, think about expanding your guest list. I know I’m going to have to expand my own wedding invite list to invite some of my childhood friends who were kind enough to invite me to their six-year-old Bratz birthday party. 

Unlike with my exclusive nuptials and other exclusive high school parties, you don’t need to worry about an invitation when it comes to attending most Lovett events. You simply have to make the effort to show up and support different aspects of our community. I’m pretty sure that football games have more than enough support already, but what about the fall play, or the dance recital? Did you know that Lovett actually hosts an international movie festival? Teenagers just like you from all over the world submit short films for our own Mr. Silverman to judge. Do you realize we get short films from teenagers all over the world? Or how about a flashmob for the cross country runners? You don’t have to stay all day for the meet, but you could pop in along the sidelines to cheer for the Lovett runners as they pass by. Just because those events don’t have a guest list doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate your presence. 

After all, most of us have at least another ten years to narrow down our wedding guest lists and worry about which of our friends (who bring us chocolate chip cookies) or frenemies will invite us to theirs. For now, let’s include everyone we can in our own events and go to Lovett events to support each other.
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