PDC Myths: Fact or Fiction

Katie Maier

When it comes to the glorious event of PDC, there are multiple urban legends pertaining to everything from the proper dress to the proper date. I remember being confused my freshman year as the anxious ninth grade girls shared rumors about the unwritten rules of PDC. Fascinating though they may seem, I eventually realized that many of these commandments are nothing more than Lovett lore. 

From my own experiences and from talking to Lovett students,  I can now effectively prove and debunk five of these rumors:

1. You can’t take the same boy more than once. (DEBUNKED)

“That’s a rule?!” juniors Mia Coker, Leah Eiland, and Corinne Flint exclaim simultaneously when I told this myth to them. They all said they are thinking about taking the same boy again for their junior PDC. Apparently, the prohibition is  not a thing. Still, at this point in our lives when nobody is too serious about relationships, it’s probably best to ask different guys to get to know different people.

2. There's a spreadsheet. (REAL)

The spreadsheet might indeed be the most bizarre PDC myth of them all. Rumor has it that every year, one girl from each grade creates a google spreadsheet with a list of every girl in the grade. This spreadsheet is then shared with these girls so that they can fill in the boys they asked or are planning to ask to the dance. It didn’t happen in our grade last year, so I assumed it was simply a myth. But then, on the Wednesday night when invitations went out for the sophomore dance, an undisclosed person shared this document with me. It’s real, folks. 

As an anonymous sophomore put its, “Although it seems childish, I suppose it’s quite necessary to prevent conflict within our grade.” 

3. You can’t take a boy from outside Lovett. (DEBUNKED)

“I literally took a boy from North Carolina,” says sophomore Kiley Jones. 

No further comment. 

4. You should wear a short dress the first year. (DEBUNKED)

Well, I intentionally wore a floor-length dress for freshman PDC...and I was the only one. Sure, some other kid teased me by asking, “When is the wedding?” but I loved my dress and had a great time. Plus, it’s easy to find me in group photos. So, if you want to stand out as an underclassman, that’s the way to do it. 

5. The same band has been playing since the beginning of time. (REAL)

It’s true, guys. Believe it or not, the same band, known as Air Tight (a fitting description of their contract with PDC dances) has been playing at PDC dances for more than fifty years. In fact, they’ve been playing since they were just seventeen years old. The songs they play are, nicely put, tried and true (meaning they’re straight out of the seventies’ and eighties’ charts.)

“I’m not a big fan of the band, to be honest,” junior Henry Haden admits. “But I guess they bring out the classics and try to make them relevant.”

As for me, I think the band is pretty awesome. Sure, they’re old, but so is the tradition of PDC...and all of the fascinating myths that surround it. 
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