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New SGA President Pierce Schmidt-Fellner Is "Striving To Make People Happy”

John Srouji

"I liked seeing other presidents up on stage and I liked making other people laugh and I want to hopefully continue that.”

“[O]ne of my main plans is to make people’s Tuesday mornings happier,” new SGA president, Pierce Schmidt-Fellner, told me as we sat in the IT room. We had been in the library, but we moved because we didn’t want to disturb anyone.

Pierce knows that we all dread coming into school on Tuesday mornings, so, similar to McKenzie Selig and Chris Ocana, he wants to focus on finding funny videos that will make people happy. 

Pierce also wants to be able to help connect teachers and students.

This is Pierce’s first time on the SGA and he told me that one of his primary reasons for deciding to be SGA President was that “I liked seeing other presidents up on stage and I liked making other people laugh and I want to hopefully continue that.”

It has required him to speak publicly in front of hundreds of people, something he’d never done before. “I’ve never even really been much of a public speaker. I’ve always liked connecting with other students and trying to make people laugh and things like that, but I’ve never really had a specific role leading anything.” 

From the limited time he’s been the SGA President, Pierce has already noticed that people are much more comfortable approaching and talking to him. “It's a lot easier to talk to people because people are used to seeing me and then it's so much easier to get to know people,” he says. He says it’s his favorite part of the job.

According to Pierce, it feels really rewarding because he can tell when people are happy after a morning meeting and that makes him happy.

Pierce is the kind of person who wants to get to know anyone and everyone. I know from my own experience how inclusive and kind Pierce can be. I remember last semester I was planning on taking Photo I and after my friend had decided to drop out of the class at the last minute before Spring semester started, I was left knowing no one in the class. However, Pierce was in the class and even though I hadn’t met him and he had plenty of other people he could have been talking to, he made an effort to get to know me and it really meant a lot.

Pierce grew up having two older brothers so he’s never really been able to be bossy, so being the “boss” of the upper school is weird for him. He did tell me that growing up with two older brothers “definitely made me want to be friendly to people.”

At an early SGA meeting they discussed some of their plans for homecoming, football games, and the club assembly. One specific thing he mentioned is that the hot dog eating contest for homecoming will be returning this year, so be looking forward to that.

When it comes to the government part of the SGA, Pierce told me that he really doesn’t have the need to try to change anything as of now, so he plans to focus on making people’s days better and being a friendly face in the halls. He said that “students need a say, but Lovett is so well put together, so it doesn’t need that much help with rules.”

One thing Pierce did before officially starting the job was that he actually talked with last year’s President, McKenzie Selig, through a few emails. “[S]he really just helped me at the start to understand how things moved,” he explained to me.

Pierce also explained the role of the SGA Cabinet. He told me that the SGA Cabinet is meant to represent the entire high school and work on things meant to bring together all of the grades. They focus on things like announcements, homecoming, and the club assembly.

So, we know Pierce’s plans for the year (or lack thereof), but now it's time to get to know your SGA President.

I asked Pierce a few questions about the things he likes and what he enjoys doing. I first asked him what kind of music he liked. He said to me that right now he’s really into reggae. “I’m a big Bob Marley fan,” he told me. 

Next I asked him about his favorite movie. He said that he doesn’t really watch a lot of movies so it was kind of a tough question for him to answer. After some thinking, he told me, “I really like the Harry Potter series.”

I also asked Pierce about what extracurriculars he’s doing here at Lovett and he let me know that right now he’s running cross country and doing PAL and that in the Spring he plans on doing lacrosse.

For my final question I asked him what his favorite thing to get in the Café was. He told me that “today I got the chocolate chip truffle cookie, it was a cookie with a brownie inside of it, and it was really good.”

So there you go. You’ve got Pierce out there trying to make you happy. And you’ve got chocolate chip cookies.
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