• The Portman Family Middle School as a Teaching Tool

    Why are buildings like the Portman Family Middle School necessary for the health of the planet?  That was the question asked of all 6th-grade students when they were assigned to describe the sustainable features of the Middle School building.  Students read portions of the book
    Drawdown by Paul Hawken, participated in class discussions, and conducted independent research to understand the role that the LEED-certified building plays in nurturing a healthy planet.  They then worked in collaborative groups to synthesize their knowledge about sustainability and to create this immersive 360-degree tour of the Portman Family Middle School.  
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  • 30-second Me

    "Students created short films comprised of 30, one-second shots which, taken together, tell the story of themselves and the places they frequent. Students wrestled with technical questions: What should I shoot? From what angle? How do I edit shots together? What music should accompany the images?"
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  • The Lower School Learning Tree

    "A Learning Tree mural and art installation now fills a wall in the Lower School ... Through words and images, it captures Lovett’s mission and commitment to learning, character, and community. Over the course of the past seven months, every student in the Lower School has played a role in bringing the tree to life."
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  • Student Spotlight: Joe Sear ‘19

    Every January, Lovett sophomores are invited to apply for one of three diploma distinctions--akin to a college major--in Global Studies, Service & Leadership, or Sustainability. Joe Sear ‘19 is on track to graduate with a distinction in Global Studies, representing five semesters of intentional co-curricular activities, readings, reflections, and classes designed to be perspective-broadening and empathy-building.
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