Senior Artist: Katie Maier Finds Balance in Printmaking

Taylor Johnson

Printmaking allows you to be “very precise," but once you put the art through the press you have to let “it go out of your control.” 

Katie has been at the Lovett School for 13 years (since kindergarten). Along with many other students, she enjoys taking art classes here. For Katie, taking art classes is an “important part of balancing her school life.” 

At first, Katie loved painting and refused to try a course like printmaking because she was in her “zone with acrylics.” It wasn’t until 10th grade that she decided to try intaglio printmaking. Taking this class “opened the doors to an entirely different way of looking at art,” she said. 

Almost everyone has a certain preference for the type of art they like to make. Katie’s personal favorite is intaglio printmaking. She describes this art as balancing control with lack of control. While designing the art allows you to be “very precise and make important small details,” once you put the art through the press and ink you have to let “it go out of your control.” She likes this balance. 

I asked Katie if she planned to continue doing art in the future, and her face lit up. “Absolutely,” she said. She plans to minor in art in college if that is available at her school. Unfortunately, not many of her college choices even have an art department. Even if she ends up going to a college without an art department she plans to make the best of it, and “turn part of my dorm into an art studio.” 

Katie has gotten into Georgia Tech, but the school does not have an art department. She does not find out about the rest of her schools until April so she has “no idea” what college she will be attending at the moment. 

It is always hard for artists to pick out one of their pieces as their favorite. When I asked Katie to tell me her favorite piece she has made, she replied, “Wow.” But then she said her favorite piece was the first she made in intaglio printmaking. She describes it as “a picture of a girl doing printmaking and putting her work through the printing press.” It is very meaningful to her because it was her first time working in this new media form, and she “fell in love with” it.

Currently, Katie is working on a project that is a “reflection on my time here at Lovett.” The project includes a series of prints depicting different places around campus where she has specific, meaningful memories.

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