Peru in the Plaza

On Monday, September 27, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, students, faculty and staff visited with Peruvian Chef Arnaldo Castillo as he prepared "Arroz con Pollo". Students spent time learning about different Peruvian ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and juices. Chef Arnaldo Castillo's dish consisted of grilled chicken and cilantro rice with a side of "choclo," (a Peruvian corn), drizzled with "huancaina" sauce (a spicy aji amarillo pepper and queso fresco based sauce thickened with saltine crackers). It was delicious!
The event also included a "mini fair" of Hispanic Heritage Month projects from each division. Lower School students created decorations for the event, Middle School classes presented on self confidence and music through the study of the song, “Soy Yo,” and Upper School students learned about food and cultural identity in classes, and made tortillas in the plaza for their peers! Click here for pictures from the event. 

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