Modern Global History Cross-Curriculum Lesson

Written by Hope Myers, US History

The 10th Grade Modern Global History Class recently had the opportunity to participate in a cross-curriculum pilot lesson with the Cafe. Students are learning about the world at the cusp of change in 1200 CE. During this era, grain was a staple food for many and lives depended on access to grains. It fed armies and elites as well as the common laborer.

In this group of lessons, students learned the amount of planning, prep-work, and labor that went into making a simple loaf of bread. They learned about different types of grains and milled the grain themselves to experience a taste of what challenges life would have included 800 years ago. Then, they used their flour during a bread-making lesson with Chef Jess in the Cafe. A simple loaf of challah bread became a not-so-simple task as they learned how to work with yeast and kneading dough. They then got to enjoy the joy of their labor by eating their bread.

The conversation led to how cultures use bread as a part of their cultural and religious rituals (matzo bread during Passover-no yeast means we don't have to wait for the dough to rise in Jewish tradition and the sacramental bread used in the Eucharist in Christianity.) The class is establishing what the world was like before we launch into a time of trade and exploration in the 1500s.

Huge thanks goes out to Chef Jess for helping make this lesson a success!

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