Back on the Bank: Catching the Rat with New Freshman Carlisle Stone

Beza Kifle

“I thought that people who were vaccinated wouldn't have to wear masks,” she said. “It's just kind of a bummer.” 

After finishing a long day of school, I walked out to the plaza where many people from different grades were talking to their friends while waiting for their parents. Across the plaza, on one of the benches, was Carlisle Stone, and a couple of friends. We put our stuff on the bench and sat down to start talking.

Carlisle is a new student to Lovett in the 9th grade. “I went to Westminster before,” she said “I liked it.” Later, she told me that the two schools, Lovett and Westminster, were “kind of similar in a few ways.” 

While looking forward to “making new friends, and having the freedom of high school,” Carlisle was nervous about the academic part of school. “I’m taking honors classes, and I think it’s going to be kind of hard, but hopefully I’ll do fine.” I think many of us can relate to her. I know I do.

She told me that she likes her classes so far, and she likes all of her teachers. “They’re really fun, and I have good people in my classes.” Carlisle already knew a few people before coming to Lovett, so I asked her if she’s made any new friends. “I have, yes!” she said. “I’ve made some new friends, luckily.”

Besides being new to Lovett, Carlisle is also new to Cross Country. Carlisle has also been playing lacrosse for 8 years, including over the summer.  ”I mostly did lacrosse, for a club team, so I had lacrosse tournaments,”she said. She plays for Atlanta Storm on the 25 Orange Team. 

Some of her favorite lacrosse memories include winning the MVP for her team at Clemson Lacrosse Camp, and the championship at a SC tournament two summers ago. A less savory memory? Being at lacrosse camp and finding a rat in her cabin. “It was so funny,” she said, “because most people were hiding in their bunks, but three girls kept trying to catch the rat in a trash can.”

Now that we’re back at school, Carlisle, like most of us, is disappointed we still have to wear masks. “I thought that people who were vaccinated wouldn't have to wear masks,” she said. “It hasn't really changed anything, it's just kind of a bummer.” 

When she’s not doing her school work, running, or playing lacrosse, she’s catching up on TV shows. She just watched Stranger Things, and is going to watch Outer Banks next. Hopefully, she loves a good treasure hunt! “I haven’t really watched any of the good Netflix shows,” she said, but Carlisle loves Marvel movies. Her favorite one is Spiderman: Homecoming.

When we finished talking, Carlisle told me that she was heading to Cross Country practice. Hopefully, there weren’t any rats on the Cross Country trail!

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