Back on the Bank: Senior Lucy Crenshaw Gets to Be The Oldest

Alexis Dalton

“Definitely don’t think about college your freshman and sophomore year... it will all come together at the end.”

I always thought that being a senior meant you were the center of attention and the boss of high school. When I told this to senior Lucy Crenshaw, who was sporting her plaid skirt, she laughed. “I don’t really feel like the center of attention,” she said, “but it feels nice to be the oldest.”

Before Lucy ruled the school as a senior (or at least was the oldest), she had a summer full of travels, visiting New York, Colorado, and, her personal favorite, California. She especially enjoyed hiking on various trails in the gorgeous San Diego weather. 

But the highlight of her summer was running a kids’ sewing camp with her friends, where they taught the campers how to sew and put on a fashion show for them to display their creations.

Of course, these fun activities had to come to an end to make way for her senior year of high school. 

You can tell seniors apart from lower grades just by their uniforms. Lucy sat down with me in the rarely quiet Poole Foyer wearing a navy shirt with blue and white trim on the collar and a blue plaid skirt. Not only do seniors get a unique uniform, but they also get the privilege of skipping the never-ending lunch line (I’m jealous). 

And there are other rewards for making it through three years of high school: “When you get to be an upperclassman you get to take better classes,” she says. “I’m really looking forward to my botany class.”

Speaking of looking forward, Lucy recently got a job working at the front desk of Yonder Yoga, a hot yoga company that encourages people to express themselves and become a “more authentic you.” She’s excited to start this new job and even more excited that this is her first job ever. “My friend is a yoga instructor there and she hooked me up,” she says. 

I was cautious when bringing up college and asked Lucy if she didn't mind talking about one of the most common topics seniors are asked about. She laughed and said she was fine to talk about it. Her top school is College of Charleston. “College of Charleston is really historic and also on the coast which is really cool,” she told me. She loves the location and says the city is really her “vibe.” She’s also looking at University of Georgia, University of San Diego, and University of Miami. 

On the topic of college, when I asked what advice she’d give to non-seniors Lucy said, “Definitely don’t think about college your freshman and sophomore year because it all just kinda comes together and it might not go exactly how you think it will. New opportunities will present themselves and it will all come together at the end.”

We finished the interview on a lighter subject. Lucy shared a recent movie she watched called Parasite (her mood lifted when we dropped the college topic). Then we said our goodbyes and off she went to get a delicious chicken quesadilla from the cafeteria.

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