A Break Before The Final Stretch

Georgia Norton

“The sun was so nice and the water was super blue, it looked fake. It felt like it’d been forever since I went on vacation!”

While students are offered the luxury of many breaks scattered throughout the year, each with their own special character and perks--from the brief 3-day interruption that is Labor Day weekend to the landmark 1-week Thanksgiving, to the winter holiday that splits the school year in half--Spring Break has a unique reputation in the minds of students around the country. While many holidays are associated with family time or leisure, Spring Break is touted as the break of “fun.”

Whether this truly means the wild parties of Spring Breakers (granted hopefully modified to accommodate pandemic and staying within the law) or ‘fun’ more akin to finally hunkering down with that stack of books you’ve been meaning to get to, we all look forward to the week-long respite that gives us not only a break from the work but our first glimpse of the school-year finish-line on the horizon, and hope that we’re entering the final stretch.

Lovett students and staff had many different methods of embracing the welcome break this year, from those who traveled to the snow, to the beach, and to their bedrooms.

Sadie Burge was one student who went north, going skiing in Aspen with her family. Sadie goes to Aspen fairly often, since her parents met there, but this time was a little different because she got to use her very own skis and boots. “It’s the first time I’ve ever owned something like that which is super exciting!” she said, explaining that “it was a graduation present since I’ll be living in Colorado next year.”

The snow was “amazing,” and “much needed since this year’s been tough--I think for everyone,” Sadie said. Though she was reluctant to travel during covid, it ended up being fine and she’s now feeling “rejuvenated.” She also explained how nice it was to travel with her family, saying that “since it’s kind of a tradition for us, it was nice to get that like normal in a year like this one,” She thinks Spring Break is special “because it kind of symbolizes the final stretch,” and as a senior, summer seems more necessary than ever before. 

Others at Lovett took to the beach, like one senior who went to the Florida Keys with some friends. “The sun was so nice,” she said, “and the water was super blue, it looked fake. It felt like it’d been forever since I went on vacation!”

She headed down with a few other groups of seniors and their parents for the covid-modified version of the traditional Senior Spring Break. Though the trip was originally planned for Jamaica and many had to scramble to reschedule and replan when that became impossible a few months back, they were still glad to get something together.

“It was a little weird since not everyone could come, and it was harder to hang out all together while trying to stay Covid safe, but I’m glad we got to at least get something almost normal,” she said. “It’s nice to have a few senior traditions left,” the senior continued, “especially as someone who’s been here since kindergarten and who’s really looked forward to senior year, getting to do things like that together feels really special.”

However special, it is true that many seniors came back sick with the Coronavirus and were forced into quarantine, putting a two-week-long hiatus on all Lovett athletics. But we digress. 

As for faculty, the trend seemed to be spending some down time at home. After grading 20 something research papers, Mrs. Gray, for example, spent the week “watching The Crown and finishing some projects around the house” but said that, despite nothing exceptional happening, “it was very relaxing.” Mrs. Copps also spent the break at home for the most part but drove one day to see family and grab lunch, which she said was “nice, since we haven’t been anywhere in over a year.”

Though it's true there weren’t many spectacular trips this year with the virus still going around, it seems Lovett students and faculty still found ways to make the break just what they needed after a long and challenging year. And, if we didn’t quite get our fills of relaxation and fun, there’s still Easter Break next week, anyways.

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