New(ish) to the Den

Ayanna Desai

“It’s been a little weird because of COVID, but I like it and it gets better the farther you get into the year.”

According to Niche, a website where you can look at reviews for different schools in your area, as of 2021, Lovett is the 7th best private school in Atlanta, and it is very well known among Atlanta residents. 

Case in point: Bella Infante, a new freshman student this year, heard about Lovett through her parents, but her parents learned about it from her aunt who currently lives in Atlanta. Natalie Harris, another freshman student, said that she heard about it from one of her “really good friends that went to Lovett. He suggested that I go.” Sophomore Madeleine Morris, who used to go to Wheeler, applied for Lovett because her sisters wanted to come here. 

Bella Infante came from the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and Natalie Harris came all the way from Singapore, where she attended the Singapore American School. 

Being new to a school can be tough, but Lovett’s buddy system makes coming here a little bit easier. Lovett’s buddy system pairs a new student with a student who currently attends Lovett. The new student’s buddy then reaches out to the new student in some way, so when the student comes to school for the first time, they have a few familiar faces. 

Bella knew a couple of people through the buddy system, and Natalie knew some people from the buddy system and her old preschool. Madeleine knew her dad’s boss’s kid, but they were “just mutual friends.” 

Both experiences seem to have gone pretty well so far. Bella said she thinks “it’s been a little weird because of COVID, but I like it and it gets better the farther you get into the year.” Natalie says that she “fits in pretty well” and has “a good group of friends.”

Academically speaking, Bella said that Lovett is harder than her old school, but Natalie disagrees. She said, “My old school was harder, not tests and stuff, but the workload is a lot less.”

Bella’s favorite class is Western Worlds, Natalie’s is biology, and Madeleine’s is English or AP World. All of them said that this was because they liked the people in their class. 

As for extracurricular activities, Madeleine does Cross Country and Lacrosse. Bella did dance last semester, and Natalie was on the varsity swim team this winter. 
Lovett has its similarities and differences compared to other schools. It also has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Corbin Simons, who attended the Blake School before Lovett, said that the thing that he likes the most about Lovett is “how many classes there were to choose from. Especially when you get to the later years of high school there are (a lot of) different paths.” Corbin also likes how he can meet with his teachers for extra help more often in comparison to his old school. 

Bella has some allergies, so she likes that she can eat Lovett’s nonallergenic lunches. At her old school, she couldn’t because the lunches weren’t nonallergenic. Natalie enjoys how she doesn’t have to spend as much time on homework at Lovett in comparison to her old school. Madeleine appreciates  how “everyone just seems more connected and just overall more social.”

Although there are some aspects about Lovett that the students like more than their old school, there are still some things about their old schools that they miss. 

Corbin said that the thing that he misses most about his school is the fact that they had a hockey team. 

For Bella, Natalie, and Madeleine, their friends are what they miss most about their old schools. They are both still in touch with their old friends too. 

“I like to facetime them sometimes,” Bella said. “We facetime each other a lot. Probably about twice a week.” Madeleine also facetimes her friends, but she mostly communicates with them over text or Instagram. “I’ve grown apart from some people and actually gotten closer to others,” she said, “It’s really hard with COVID because it’s hard to see anybody.”

Natalie said that she was just on the phone with them just last night. “This morning I lost a bet to my friends,” she said, laughing at the memory. “I had to go outside wearing a swimsuit, a long sleeve shirt, my brightest jeans, a bucket hat, socks, and sandals. Then, I had to do a workout in my neighbors’ driveway, wearing that outfit.”

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